In an incident reminiscent of the one at Ashley Madison, a Japanese search engine used to find Love Hotels – locations used for sexual assignations –  has been breached though there is no evidence that any data has been leaked. 

the parent company of, was alerted to unauthorized access to its
servers on December 22, according to a report
by ZDNet. While the hackers were able to access the personal data of Love Hotel
customers, the company doesn’t believe the data has been used or published yet.

“An aggregator
like HappyHotel is not your average hotel booking site–it’s neither for family
vacations or for business trips,” said Mike Bittner, associate director of digital
security and operations for The Media Trust. “Users will want to keep their
data private and protect information on their activities from public exposure.”

Bad actors could
use the data to extort money from hotel customers “and cause irreparable damage
to their private and public lives,” Bittner said. “Site owners that facilitate
sensitive activities that users wouldn’t want made public should exercise extra
security precautions to prevent breaches.”

Not are only the
site owners who provide “sensitive activities” to customers at risk and should
take extra precautions to protect information, “the digital third parties that
support it, are likely in the crosshairs of bad actors who want to score and
profit from extra-sensitive information,” he said.