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Cybersecurity Tips for Executives – Security Boulevard

By Ryan Squires Posted February 7, 2020

A data breach poses one of the greatest risks to corporations today. Yet, only 45% of executives think cybersecurity represents an important aspect of their company, according to the EY Global Information Security Survey. This statistic is surprising, especially when you consider the Ponemon Institute determines the cost of the average global data breach at $3.92 million. In an effort to promote proactive cybersecurity measures, below we present a collection of cybersecurity tips for executives. 

Understand That You’re a Target

IT decision makers see C-level execs as the greatest cybersecurity threat they face, so beware, hackers slapped a target on your back. The reason for this target is clear: Executives have access to vast amounts of company data while holding the necessary permissions to get into many different aspects of their company — from finance to engineering. This data is attractive to hackers, and because the C-level is a busy group that travels a lot and uses multiple devices, bad actors have ways to take advantage of these circumstances. 


As a known entity within a company, you are a prime target for a whaling attack. These are just like phishing attacks, but they’re aimed at larger targets. To keep your company data safe,  verify that each email you receive is from a known, trusted person.

The key here is to not act hastily. Whaling emails often look as if they’re sent from accounting or finance, but many times they’re not. The sender hopes that you’re so strapped for time that you forget to do your due diligence and wire money to a malicious third party. Other nefarious emails seek to install malware/spyware on your device in an attempt to obtain credentials or take control of your system — all you have to do is click on the wrong link or attachment and they’re in. 

Note: One way to know where a link will send you is to hover your cursor over the link and look at the bottom left-hand corner of your browser window. You will (Read more…)

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