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Data Telemetry Across Mac, Windows, & Linux

By Zach DeMeyer Posted January 27, 2020

Data is one of the most important resources for modern enterprises. With the proper data, organizations can make informed decisions and advance their company goals. For IT departments, having the right data points could mean the difference between smooth sailing and a security breach. That’s why IT admins should seek out a solution to reap data telemetry across Mac®, Windows®, and Linux®.

Why Cross-OS System Data is Important

Modern IT is fast moving, everchanging, and heterogenous. Few of today’s offices consist of clunky Windows desktops in cramped cubicles. Instead, the average office features laptops with a blend of operating systems, usable anywhere with a WiFi network. In fact, many organizations have global employee bases, and the number of remote workers is at an all-time high.

Regardless of an employee’s location, however, one thing is certain: the system is an employee’s gateway to all of their IT resources. Although much of today’s work can be web-based, everyone still needs their workstation to access a web browser. As such, monitoring that system’s operation is key to both security and productivity. This practice includes tracking system performance, battery life, OS version, browser stats, etc.

So, with that in mind, let’s evaluate cross-OS system data telemetry solutions.

Finding the Right Solution

There are several options that IT organizations can consider for acquiring system telemetry data across all three major OSs.

Manual Management

With physical access to a system, IT admins can manually monitor individual systems to find out crucial operations information. This practice is clearly time consuming and tedious, especially for large organizations with hundreds to thousands of systems. But, for IT departments that only have a handful of computers to keep track of, manual management is the cheapest option.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions are fully comprehensive enterprise data acquisition tools. SIEM suites are often split into smaller parts, including data aggregators, analysis tooling, and a reporting module to deliver precisely what information an admin or CISO needs. As such, SIEM solutions are often convenient to use since (Read more…)

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