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FastMed Improves Urgent Care And Patient Privacy with Idaptive

For FastMed Urgent Care, speed and efficiency are about much more than creating operational excellence. It translates into prompt, personal, and high-quality medical care where and when patients need it. 

With a laser focus on providing best-in-class family and occupational healthcare, FastMed is constantly looking for ways to improve their response time. This includes embracing innovative technologies, but new solutions can often bring out difficult new technological challenges as much as they improve patient care. Over time, FastMed had accrued a seemingly endless number of databases, websites and apps that hospital staff needed to access, often multiple times each day. 

“Our team was accessing so much information from so many different resources, they were drowning in usernames and passwords,” said Wayne Dale, application security manager at FastMed. “And they were storing those passwords the usual places — on sticky notes stuck to monitors, in Word files and in their heads.” 

FastMed’s mission is to handle both wait times for care and patient privacy with the utmost sensitivity, and they needed a helping hand to accomplish that. That’s where Idaptive came to the rescue. 

A Quick Fix 

FastMed was looking for a solution that remedied three core issues: Password management that would enable single sign-on, easy installation and management, and the ability to “lock-up” their passwords. With the ability to integrate cloud apps and web logins with Active Directory (AD) — Idaptive was the quick fix for everything on FastMed’s list. 

“We also really wanted to take advantage of Idaptive’s ability to store a single login for each resource, which can be shared without individual users knowing or having access to the root password,” explained Dale. FastMed was able to port every app, website, and cloud service that FastMed uses across the organization into Idaptive, and within minutes they appeared on user dashboards. “Adding apps into the Idaptive portal is about as simple as it gets.” 

In less than two weeks, FastMed had more than 1,000 users securely accessing over 200 apps, websites and cloud services (virtually every resource required for the organization) all with single sign-on via AD credentials. 

Only Positive Side Effects 

Idaptive also saved the organization thousands of dollars on reduced help desk calls for password tickets and has eliminated the complexity and hassle of multiple usernames and passwords with easy, one-click access for FastMed’s professionals. “We estimate that an average help desk call costs $15 to $30. Eliminating a couple of hundred calls a month saves us thousands of dollars every year,” said Dale. 

Most importantly, in the era of data breaches and increased scrutiny for user privacy, FastMed has made patient information more secure. Healthcare organizations are among the most targeted by hackers, but with Idaptive, FastMed ensures HIPAA compliance without slowing down clinical staff or overburdening them with security steps, allowing them to focus on quality patient care. For this reason, FastMed plans to make Idaptive mandatory for all employees this year, and extend its mobile device management (MDM) capabilities to a growing number of commonly used devices like iPads. 

FastMed’s Urgent Care clinics promise convenient, immediate and family-friendly care every single day, no exceptions. Thanks to Idaptive, they’re able to make good on that promise and delivering improved services, with shorter wait times and more secure patient privacy. 


To read more about Idaptive and FastMed Urgent care, visit here. 

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