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The Top 5 Threats to Your IT Infrastructure

By Kayla Coco-Stotts Posted February 2, 2020

IT threats have devastating effects on the security of organizations. With corporations of all sizes struggling to keep up with the evolving techniques bad actors use, it’s important to evaluate the top five threats to your infrastructure and how to find or prevent them.  

Phishing Attacks

Scores of users have fallen victim to the phishing methods hackers employ. If a phishing attack is successful, bad actors gain entry to an entire network of sensitive information through a user’s email and password.

When it comes to recognizing phishing attempts, the key is security training. Compromised credentials are the No. 1 attack vector to any organization, so keeping users aware of existing phishing threats increases organizational security dramatically. 

Are the users on your networks aware of common phishing techniques, and what these attacks typically look like? Make sure every user is knowledgeable about all types of phishing attacks, including spear phishing, that are cleverly personalized to look more legitimate. 

Unpatched Software and Hardware 

IT departments might leave on-prem vulnerabilities unpatched because of time or staffing constraints. And with teams often focused on more pressing tasks — like onboarding and offboarding — some vulnerabilities exist in perpetuity.

Most commonly, IT teams have a dependency that they need to fix before they can patch, which can be quite the complicated procedure. Though consistent patching ultimately makes systems more secure, admins fear these patches will create conflicts or issues that need to be resolved. 

The process of patching can seem daunting and tedious to even the most experienced IT team. Though the procedure can be complex, through unpatched bugs bad actors can gain access to confidential information (like financial records), which they then obtain and often sell. 

Finding these vulnerabilities is key to stopping hackers from gaining unwanted entry into your network. Make sure all software is up to date, and even consider moving existing hardware to cloud-based providers for increased security. Cloud patch managers can automate the process of implementing new patches and updates, effectively taking the anxiety out of keeping (Read more…)

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