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Blockchain Security Researcher

StarkWare | Israel | On-site – View job details

The Security Researcher will be responsible for conducting in-depth research and analysis on the security of blockchain systems, protocols and the infrastructure that enables it.


Rajah & Tann Asia | Singapore | On-site – View job details

CISO will lead and oversee firm’s information security program. This includes developing and implementing security policies and procedures, managing security technologies and overseeing security awareness training.

Cryptography Expert

ABN AMRO Bank N.V. | Netherlands | Hybrid – View job details

You will play an important role within the bank by making cryptographic capabilities accessible to the entire bank. The Crypto Services team ensures that important data within the bank can be secured correctly. You will help various departments within the bank with the management of their digital certificates.

Cyber Security Auditor

Police Scotland | United Kingdom | On-site – View job details

As a Cyber Security Auditor, you will become part of Police Scotland’s Security Operations Centre (SOC). Within the SOC you will perform cyber related audit and compliance checks, and the successful delivery of an auditing schedule that will identify vulnerabilities to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Police Scotland and Scottish Police Authority (SPA) systems and data.

Cyber Security Engineer

Hott Source | United Kingdom | On-site – View job details

Cyber Security Engineer role offers full responsibility for ensuring customers’ data, systems, and networks remain secure, and any possible threats eliminated. The position will see you accountable for implementing, configuring, and maintaining security tools and platforms to prevent future vulnerabilities and attacks.

Cyber Security Incident Response Specialist

PHOENIX group – Integrated Healthcare Provider | Bulgaria | Hybrid – View job details

As a Cyber Security Incident Response Specialist, you will be responsible for the operational IT security of PHOENIX Corporate IT, information security event management and incident response, threat hunting and coordination of mitigation measures.

Information Security Specialist

Kitopi | Dubai | Hybrid – View job details

As Information Security Specialist, you will assist in developing information security policies, procedures and necessary documents in compliance with applicable standards and regulations, conduct phishing and social engineering test campaigns, measure key performance indicators to ensure the effectiveness of information security controls.

Junior Security Analyst

DirectViz Solutions | USA | Remote – View job details

The Junior Security Analyst will monitor and analyze security events and alerts reported by the TSA SIEM on a 24x7x365 basis to identify and investigate suspicious or malicious activity, or other cyber events which violate TSA policy. The analyst will be responsible for analyzing logs and events from any other device types which may send logs or events to the TSA SOC in the future.

Malware Analyst (MID)

DigiForce Security | USA | Hybrid – View job details

Malware Analyst daily duties typically include assisting the Security Operations Center (SOC) with investigations into potential malware to categorize, determine behavior/intent, and extract IOCs through basic and advanced malware analysis techniques.

Penetration Tester 3

Hyland | USA | Remote – View job details

The Penetration Tester is responsible for testing the security of our software, reporting on any security vulnerabilities found, and ensuring that all necessary parties are aware of any vulnerabilities found, as well as the severity of those vulnerabilities to the security of the software.

Red Team Penetration Tester

Booz Allen Hamilton | USA | On-site – View job details

As an Red Team Penetration Tester, you will help test, configure, and maintain Military critical operating systems. As an Red Team Penetration Tester on company’s project, you’ll work with other technical experts to help company’s customer overcome tough challenges and help improve the readiness of military units to perform their roles.

Security Analyst

The DigiTrust Group | USA | Remote – View job details

As a Security Analyst, you’ll gain hands-on experience through stimulating security projects and learn from industry experts in an advanced threat protection environment. You will apply and broaden your skill set to enforce immediate and effective detection assessment, incident response, and remediation utilizing the most sophisticated security technologies available in the world.

Security Engineer

Verisk | Poland | Hybrid – View job details

As a Security Engineer, you will have a chance to advance your skills in security automation through the utilization of AI, implement and administer database security solutions, data loss prevention policies, response rules, monitor and review data-related activities for policy violations and investigation.

Security SW Engineer

Cato Networks | Israel | Hybrid – View job details

As Security SW Engineer you will be responsible for designing and developing the infrastructure for Cato Security. You will own and develop various systems for Cato’s security operations, such as Threat intelligence sharing platforms, Threat hunting system, and modern big-data solutions to analyze data with high scalability from Cato Cloud’s data warehouse.

Senior Cyber Security Engineer (Penetration Tester)

Sky Italia | Italy | Hybrid – View job details

The role is part of the Cyber Security function, the candidate will be responsible for measuring the effectiveness of Security strategy against a potential attack by supporting and performing activities such as Red Team Assessments and Penetration Testing.

Senior Penetration Tester

National Gas | United Kingdom | Hybrid – View job details

As a Senior Penetration Tester, you will identify and exploit vulnerabilities within Enterprise and CNI systems to help uncover security weakness to ensure resilience and security of gas transmission nationwide. You will scope and perform penetration testing and vulnerability research of complex proprietary software and hardware, whilst identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in systems and applications.

SIEM Specialist

Generali | Italy | Hybrid – View job details

As SIEM specialist you will be responsible for the management and development of the SIEM platforms of Generali Operations Service Platform (GOSP) and your activities will span from the infrastructural management of the SIEM components, to the integration of new log sources, definition and implementation of detection use cases and correlation rules, active support to transformation projects aimed at modernize the SIEM architecture for all GOSP customers, prepare periodical reporting and ensure the overall SIEM architecture is always up to date and works as expected.

Specialist Offensive Security

Evonik | Germany | On-site – View job details

As Specialist Offensive Security, you will be responsible to use tools and techniques to exploit vulnerabilities and bypass security controls and identify and assess vulnerabilities and evaluate the criticality of discovered vulnerabilities and possible countermeasures.

Threat Analyst

Optiv | India | On-site – View job details

The Threat Analyst will provide intrusion/incident monitoring and detection utilizing customer provided data sources, audit, and monitoring tools at both the government and enterprise level.


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