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Cybersecurity program prepares high school students to fight against hackers – NBC Los Angeles | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

In a world increasingly dependent on the internet, cybersecurity has become a fundamental issue.

In an effort to prepare future generations on this topic, Nogales High School, in La Puente, offers cybersecurity classes to its students.

“The first year is the introduction to cybersecurity,” said teacher Alfonso Colmenares. “[In] the second year, the study is more in-depth and [in] the third year we plan to have the students have an internship.”

The study plan covers different areas.

“From the most basic to the deepest programming,” says Colmenares. “And how to compete against the hackers that exist today and how they can be protagonists so that there are no viruses and they can attack the computer.”

In addition to learning theory, students participate in practical exercises to learn how to protect information, both personal and for a company.

“Right now I have learned that we are never safe and that we should always be alert, especially when we are opening things like our phone,” said Joseph Torres, a senior.

Many of these young people already know where they could work after completing this program. They will be able to address real-world cyber challenges and contribute to a more secure digital environment.

“With this program I can help small businesses and protect them from attacks,” Romeo Alvarado, a ninth grade student said.

The program offered by the Rowland Unified School District (RUSD) lasts three years. According to Colmenares, any student who is interested in learning about cybersecurity can do so at Nogales High School.

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