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What EY can do for you

EY Cybersecurity, strategy, risk, compliance and resilience teams help organizations evaluate the effectiveness and efficiencies of their cybersecurity and resiliency programs in the context of driving business growth and operational strategies. These offerings apply consistently regardless of where they are applied (Information Technology, Internet of Things, Operational Technology, Cloud, etc.), provide a clear measurement of risk and capture current risks to the organization, and demonstrate how cyber risks will be managed going forward. Each service can be combined to form a larger program or transformation effort. EY Cybersecurity teams can help organizations to:

  • Provide a clear picture of current cyber risk posture and capabilities, helping organizations to understand how, where and why to invest in managing cyber risks
  • Help implement and execute a strategy and overarching cyber program that allows for rigorous, structured decision-making and a financial analysis of cyber risks
  • Help EY clients achieve and sustain regulatory compliance requirements as the outcome of a well-designed and executed cyber function
  • Help build a more risk aware culture through education and awareness to reduce the impact of human behavior
  • Operate a program that is resilient in the face of ever evolving cyber threats and digital business strategies


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