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AMMAN – The National Cyber Security Center
in Jordan seeks to regulate the cybersecurity market in the country through
legislation it prepares and issues. The head of the National Cyber Security
Center, Bassam Al-Maharmeh, stated that one of the most important measures is
the “Cybersecurity Services Licensing System,” which will effectively
contribute to enhancing and supporting national Jordanian companies wishing to
enter the cybersecurity market. اضافة اعلان

According to Jo 24, he said that the system
will help improve these services and ensure their ability to compete regionally
and globally, enabling these companies to enter neighboring markets and achieve
growth and sustainability.

Maharmeh emphasized that the center aims to
enhance the role of the private sector in planning and participating in shaping
national policies and strategies related to cybersecurity. The private sector
is a key participant and contributor to the National Cyber Security Council,
responsible for formulating and approving policies, strategies, standards, and
controls. The private sector plays a crucial and effective role in the
legislative and strategic system and is involved in decision-making.

He noted that the center currently grants
approvals to companies interested in operating in the cybersecurity market. The
“Cybersecurity Services Licensing System” will be implemented once
approved by the Cabinet, as it is currently in its final stages before being


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