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Dapple Security is poised to be one of the first-to-market with an innovative passwordless solution utilizing biometrics to prevent cyber attacks.

DENVER, Feb. 15, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Dapple Security will be among the nation’s first cybersecurity ventures to innovate a new approach to utilizing biometrics that allows the creation of revocable, reproducible digital credentials in which biometric data is never stored anywhere. Unlike other current cybersecurity offerings, Dapple has designed a way to reproduce confidential biometric and passkey data on demand across multiple devices without needing to store credentials, providing an unprecedented solution to privacy and digital sovereignty. The company’s mission is to help fight cybercrime that is predicted to cost the world $9.5 trillion in 2024 (Cybersecurity Ventures).

Dapple Security recently raised $2.3 million in the pre-seed round which has been supported by mission-driven investors who believe in Dapple’s solution and mission. This round was led by First In, a company that has a strong conviction around investing in founders who are veterans of the Military and Intelligence Community. The new fund ex/ante also added Dapple to its list of early investments, having strong alignment with their thesis of security, privacy, and individual freedom. Access Ventures and Techstars also joined as major investors in the round.

After spending almost a decade as a cryptographer at the National Security Agency, Dapple Security Founder Gadalia Montoya Weinberg O’Bryan knows all too well the heavy weight of securing the U.S. population and the delicate balance required between security and privacy. When it comes to digital security, her biggest concern is the dire consequences that come from one simple action of giving someone a password (or having it stolen). According to O’Bryan, this is by far the most common way that cybercrime starts and with millions affected every year, there’s a desperate need to find better ways to translate true identities in the physical world into digital identities so that they cannot be so easily stolen.

Dapple will launch in 2024 by supporting cybersecurity for small and mid-sized businesses. It’s a sector that O’Bryan says is often overlooked and the most at risk of attacks due to lack of access to easy-to-adopt and affordable cybersecurity infrastructure. Dapple offers a way for employees to replace all their passwords with a passkey which becomes a digital “lock and key” from a user’s biometrics such as a fingerprint or face. Typically this data used for biometric authentication is stored locally on a given device but Dapple will save the digital lock (which is not sensitive) in the cloud, allowing one passkey to be used across multiple devices, rather than needing to create a new key for each device, or sync sensitive keys via the cloud.


Gadalia Montoya Weinberg O’Bryan, Founder and CEO of Dapple Security

Gadalia served as a crypto mathematician at the National Security Agency (NSA) for nearly a decade, and has built a successful career as a senior technology leader, operator, founder and investor, specializing in security and data technologies that transform business, impact mission, and create change in the world. Gadalia has a graduate degree in Mathematics from UCLA and invests energy into fostering entrepreneurship and interest in STEM fields, increasing equity and representation in technology, and using technology for good.


Dapple Security is a developer of a digital security technology platform designed to protect human digital identity by utilizing responsible biometrics and privacy by design principles through a first-of-its-kind passwordless platform. Dapple Security offers the ability to securely log into systems without storing sensitive identity data. Since there is no need to store sensitive user data, Dapple Security prevents phishing and related attacks that rely on stolen credentials, preserving user privacy and dramatically reducing the data attack surface. Dapple was founded in 2022 and joined the FIDO Alliance in 2023 with a mission of developing authentication standards to help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords. CSO online named Dapple as a cybersecurity startup to watch in 2023.

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