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The global cyber threat intelligence data provider Cybersixgill has announced the introduction of a Third-Party Intelligence module. This powerful, new extension will deliver vendor-specific cybersecurity and threat intelligence to security teams, allowing them to continually monitor and detect risks emerging from their third-party suppliers. By offering this intelligence, the module will enable security operation teams to take preemptive action before an attack occurs.

The innovative Third-Party Intelligence module combines vendor-specific cyber threat intelligence (CTI) with cybersecurity posture data from suppliers’ tech environments. This combination works to expose security blind spots, equipping threat analysts and security teams with the means to identify threats within supply chains and broaden their threat exposure management efforts.

The rise of cyber-attacks on software supply chains is a stark reminder of the dangers posed by this type of security threat. In 2023, 245,000 software supply chain attacks were reported worldwide, causing a significant economic impact, with costs reaching $46 billion. Current estimates project this number will rise to an eye-watering $60 billion in 2025. The impact of these cyber threats on businesses is significant, with nearly two-thirds (61%) of U.S. businesses directly affected by a software supply chain attack in the year ending April 2023. Furthermore, concerns are mounting as 66% of companies expressed doubts over their third parties’ ability to notify them promptly in the event of a major breach.

“Cybersixgill’s new Third-Party Intelligence is a significant advancement in delivering actionable threat intelligence insights to security teams and CISOs to help solidify and maintain the organization’s risk posture,” said Chris Steffen, Vice President of Research, Security, and Risk Management for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). He went on to add that, “Threat intelligence that shines a broad, bright light on threats from within a company’s third-party network has been a glaring missed opportunity in organizations’ cybersecurity programs.”

Gabi Reish, Chief Product Officer for Cybersixgill, shared a similar sentiment, stating, “Security teams can take every precaution to protect their organizations’ environment. But if they lack intelligence about the risks facing their third-party supply chain and the impact on their security posture, the consequences can be detrimental to the company’s brand and bottom line.” He also noted that with the rising cost of supply chain attacks, their new Third-Party Intelligence module is crucial, supplying security operations and threat analysts with vital insights to protect their organization and its network of suppliers and partners.

In a world of growing cyber threats, the introduction of Cybersixgill’s Third-Party Intelligence module comes as a welcomed development, offering a critical solution to help organizations better manage and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks within their supply chains.


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