CyberUSA Conference 2018

General Cybersecurity Conference

 January 29 – 30, 2018 | San Antonio, Texas, United States

Cybersecurity Conference Description

Bring together government, industry, students, and academia to establish innovation, education, workforce development, enhanced cyber readiness, and resilience. CyberUSA is a ‘community of communities’ focused on a common mission purpose of enabling innovation, education, workforce development, enhanced cyber readiness and resilience – all while connecting the cyber ecosystem of the United States and its Allies. This non-profit “community of communities” is governed by its members, established to enhance information sharing between states and improve cyber resilience at all levels of participation – local, regional, and national.

This conference is a gathering of current and future CyberUSA affiliates and is open to all CyberUSA member and nonmember. Academia, Government, Industry, and Students are encouraged to participate.

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