cyber/war: episode204b – february 11, 2011 (3/4)

video version of episode204b – audio here:,,,

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3 thoughts on “cyber/war: episode204b – february 11, 2011 (3/4)

  1. FreedumbFighter28

    You guys are so under appreciated.I love yer show…AND SO MANY LINKS….XD

  2. Jeremy Huff

    Finally the Movie War Games is brought up by someone besides me,,that last
    line in the movie has stuck with me since I was 10 years old,,”Funny thing
    nuclear War,,the only way to win,,is not to play..”, I realized all war is
    like this,,then I realized that Society is like this as well,,the whole
    damn illusionary world of sensational concepts taking the place of actual
    thoughts and feeling,,that is a Game that can only be won,,by not playing
    it at all. “By not getting it,,you get it” Alan Watts

  3. Jeremy Huff

    Look at the Star Wars prequel trilogy to see the Goal of the “Galactic
    Republic” when it comes to robots armies and un piloted drones,,,how else
    can they control billions of awakened people that dont believe there
    propaganda anymore? Cyborgs I guess,,”Darth Vader,,your needed on the