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DaBaby has responded to YouTuber Lah Mike, who accused the rapper of taking the money and running.

On Sunday (April 14), Lah Mike, whose channel largely consists of viral “20 vs. 1”-style speed dating videos, posted to Instagram that DaBaby “ran off” with $20,000 by leaving a video shoot before the project was complete.

“DaBaby ran of [sic] with 20K I paid him for a video… Please don’t scam me bro. This is my livelihood,” Mike wrote. “I don’t even have a full video.”

“I’ll fix whatever you need, bro,” he continued. “Please come finish the video… Please don’t fuck me over.”

DaBaby clapped back in the comments, writing: “I ain’t run off nigga I walked off. You know why too n-gga. Be glad that’s the way it went & tighten up.”

Mike also shared video of the “Suge” rapper at the shoot, which showed the rapper getting upset after someone on set made a joke at his expense by calling him a “professional fart sucker.”

In one of the clips, Mike said that his grandmother (or, he said later in the same clip, his great-grandmother), who is “battling cancer,” had provided him with half of DaBaby’s $20,000 fee, “because she wanted to see this video before she go.”

DaBaby quickly responded with a video of his own, accusing Mike of “lying on [his] grandma.”

“You a sick little dude,” the rapper said. “People probably believe in this twenty-versus-one shit like this shit is for real, like you don’t be paying these girls to do this.”

“You got people playing with my name, like I came and just robbed you,” he went on. “This what we gonna do: I’m gonna take the $20,000 that you gave me for my time…and I’m gonna give $1,000 apiece to them twenty girls that you paid to let a lame n-gga like you disrespect them, for that little YouTube check.”

DaBaby has not been having the best of luck lately, as another recent video showed him meeting an extremely overzealous fan.

Earlier this month, the North Carolina MC posted a clip to Instagram that he captioned: “Just got tried at the gas station.”

DaBaby Proving Evasive In Lawsuit Over Bowling-Alley Beatdown Of Ex DaniLeigh's Brother

DaBaby Proving Evasive In Lawsuit Over Bowling-Alley Beatdown Of Ex DaniLeigh’s Brother

It shows an older woman coming up to him while he’s in his car. She asks him for a picture, before saying she wants to “fuckin’ fuck you,” sitting in his lap and grabbing his crotch.

A stunned DaBaby reacts after she leaves by saying: “She sexually assaulted me.”

In the end, the 32-year-old seemed more bemused than upset by the run-in, given that he titled the post: “Anything for you auntie.”


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