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Dad of two Luke Gallimore has told loveholidays how he approaches getting through airport security with his sons with as little stress as possible ahead of the October half term

The dad suggested deploying a buggy(Getty Images)

A dad has unearthed a smart way to get through security at an airport more quickly.

Airports are stressful places to be for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a first timer, something about the potential to lose huge amounts of cash if you make a mistake and miss your flight makes the whole process a little unnerving. This experience can be made so much worse if you are responsible for other travellers, particularly if they’re small and have the potential to burst into tears at a moment’s notice.

Dad of two Luke Gallimore recently found himself in just this position while he was travelling to Turkey with his family. Realising that getting through the oppressive, stress-rich security queue could be a little tricky, he deployed a sneaky trick.

“If you have a buggy take it with you, in our experience, you’ll get through security faster,” the dad explained. His reasoning is that fellow customers are more likely to be sympathetic to your cause if you’ve clearly got children in tow, and may even wave you ahead of them. Equally, airport staff may take it upon themselves to direct you to a swift entrance.

Being responsible for a large number of children can make moving through an airport stressful (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

At certain airports, you can breeze through security if your child is in a pushchair. For example, at Manchester Airport, you can use the free fast lane and Gatwick Airport has dedicated family lanes for children in pushchairs. Research the guidelines ahead of booking to manage time expectations.

The savvy parent went on to offer another couple of pearls of wisdom that’ve helped him in the past. Luke said: “Always make lists of what you need and tick off as you pack, our boys love their devices, so we make sure we have enough films for them downloaded for the flight, so you don’t need to worry if there is dodgy or non-existent Wi-Fi.”

Luke’s advice was given as part of a round-up of travel advice for families collected by loveholidays as half-term approaches. Another top tip to cut the costs was to check an airline’s seating policy. Legally, airlines have to seat all children under 12 with at least one responsible adult but “with” could be across an aisle, in front or behind. If you’re travelling with children under 12, some airlines will guarantee you will be able to sit with your children at no extra charge but others may not, so always check before flying.

Other top tips included packing outfits in self-seal bags, storing dummies in condiment cups, and using a portable cup to minimise spills and help blocked ears.

Some airlines offer complimentary kid’s packs and toys to keep them entertained whilst onboard. For example, on a Virgin Atlantic flight, you can ask for a KiD backpack6 for children aged 2-6 to enjoy such as a holiday journal, and on British Airways, children can enjoy a Skyflyers7 activity pack, which includes a fun eye mask and a postcard to send home from your holiday.


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