$60 A YEAR 

Per Device
National Cyber Security can give anyone piece of mind from being targeted by hackers. It does not matter if it’s home network or government data center.  Our belief is to prevent our clients from being victims by monitoring and securing their networks on a daily basis. 

Security Vulnerability Management: Fix vulnerabilities before an attack

Network security – Breaches are most commonly caused by missing network patches. Our Solutions scans and detects network vulnerabilities before they are exposed, reducing the time required to patch machines on your network. Our Solutions patches Microsoft ®, Mac® OS X®, Linux® and more than 60 third-party applications, and deploys both security and non-security patches.

Vulnerability assessment – Discover security threats early. More than 60,000 vulnerability assessments are carried out across your networks, including virtual environments, mobile and network devices. Our Solutions scans your operating systems, virtual environments and installed applications through vulnerability check databases such as OVAL and SANS Top 20. Our Solutions enables you to analyze the state of your network security, identify risks and address how to take action before it is compromised.

Network auditing – Analyze your network centrally.

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