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Dallas County Sheriff’s Office Reminds People of Back-to-School Safety | Raccoon Valley Radio | #schoolsaftey

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is actively reminding people of back-to-school safety. 

Sheriff Adam Infante says that it’s important for people to know their neighborhoods. Infante explains that people need to be cautious and aware of students in a school zone when school is starting along closing for the day. 

So try to pay special attention during those time frames and realize that kids don’t make the best decisions sometimes and other vehicles don’t make the best decisions either. So you have to really be on your game during those times.”

Infante says that motorists must stop for a school bus with their stop arm initiated. He says there are cameras on the school buses, and they will track down anyone who doesn’t obey the law. 

“It’s the owner of the vehicle. If we can’t prove who the driver is, has to go to court. That’s the Iowa law. So please pay real special, close attention. We don’t want any kids to get hurt. And we don’t want any people to have to feel that guilt of having hit a kid either.”

According to the Department of Transportation, the someone who unlawfully passes a school bus on their first offense will receive a fine of at least $345,  a suspension of their drivers license and possible imprisonment.

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