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Dallas has paid more than $8 million to deal with ransomware | #ransomware | #cybercrime

The Dallas City Council has approved all of the payments which will include credit and identification theft monitoring for employees, retirees and their families if their personal information was exposed.

The ransomware breach has impacted more than 26,000 people who had their names, addresses, social security numbers and medical information hacked.

The ransomware attack happened in May, and by mid-June the city said only some personel information was breached, but now we are learning it was way more than that.

The city says it hasn’t been commentting on the attack because of the ongoing criminal investigation, but city leaders are being pressed to release more information.

Officials in the Dallas City Manager’s office say they’re still evaluating the impact of the attack and it’s an “ongoing investigation”. The city manager’s office now says they will have a more extensive update on September 6th.

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