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Joseph Marshall Gutierrez, a 35-year-old Dallas resident, has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of online solicitation of a minor.

Gutierrez is a repeat offender and has already been to prison twice, once for sexual conduct with a child and once for failing to abide by sex offender registration conditions.

“He deserves a lifetime locked in a cell as far away from a child as possible,” said Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis after sentencing.

Using the social media site, MeetMe, prosecutors said Gutierrez solicited sex from an undercover officer posing to be a 15-year-old girl. He set up a meeting at a motel in McKinney and showed up with only condoms, a sex toy and his cell phone.

Investigator Travis Monk with the Collin County Sheriff’s Office completed an extraction of Gutierrez’s cell phone and confirmed all the messages sent to the undercover officer.

In 2011, Gutierrez was sentenced to seven years of deferred probation in Dallas County for indecency with a child. He violated that probation in 2013 and was sentenced to five years in prison. After his release police officers arrested him in 2016 for not complying to register as a sex offender. In December 2016, he committed aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury to a family member with a deadly weapon. Gutierrez was sentenced in March 2017 by Dallas County to five years in prison for both the failure to register as a sex offender charge, a third-degree felony and the aggravated assault charge, a first-degree felony.

The offender completed his parole in December 2021, then six months later attempted to prey on another child.

A Collin County jury considered Gutierrez’s previous criminal history and the facts of the current case to make the decision to sentence him to life in prison. Visiting Judge Michael Chitty oversaw the trial.

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