Danville police say Facebook post threatening violence at George Washington High School is ‘non-credible’ | #schoolsaftey

The Danville Police Department is investigating a social media post about a threat of violence at George Washington High School.

Authorities did not provide details on the Facebook post.

Officers with the Danville Police Department are working with officials with Danville Public Schools to try to find out the threat’s source, according a news release.

However, police did report the threat was “found to be non-credible.”

Anyone who has information is asked to contact the Danville Police Department by calling patrol at 434-799-6510 option 4; investigations at 434-799-6508 option 1, and option 1 again; 911; or Crime Stoppers at 434-793-0000.

In addition, residents may approach any officer they see, use social media, email or use the crime tips app CARE.

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