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Data has become one of the most valuable commodities. As a result, cybercrime has become a highly lucrative industry for modern criminals and a significant threat to businesses. Yesterday’s tools such as firewalls, intrusion prevention and antivirus software are no longer good enough to prevent cyberattacks – particularly in a world of distributed workforces that has seen traditional business perimeters dissolve.

No entity is safe. From the smallest company to the largest enterprise, barely a day goes by without news of another breach, meaning that companies need new solutions to protect themselves and their most valuable assets.

Many forward-thinking businesses are turning to encryption, or the process of converting data into an unreadable form to prevent unauthorised access. When combined with other security measures, encryption dramatically reduces the risk of security threats.

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Via encryption, data is transformed into a different form or code called ciphertext, which can only be accessed by those with the decryption key or password. The key consists of mathematical values and enables the data to be restored to its original form. Naturally, the strength of the encryption is enhanced by using a complex cryptographic key, which leads to more ‘heavy duty’ encryption.

Many benefits

Data encryption offers several advantages, protecting businesses that handle large volumes of data from security breaches that can damage their finances and reputation.

Encryption ensures data is protected in all states – while in motion and at rest. Business owners can also have peace of mind that their data remains secure and confidential, regardless of its sensitivity. While firewalls offer a level of protection against unauthorised access, they cannot prevent successful breaches if hackers manage to get through perimeter security measures.

However, if the data is encrypted, it becomes extremely challenging for hackers to decipher and also greatly reduces the chances of successful brute force attacks.

Because many industries are subject to stringent data protection regulations, encryption helps businesses remain compliant. Not only does encryption safeguard sensitive information by implementing encryption measures, companies can demonstrate their commitment to protecting data privacy and can avoid costly penalties associated with non-compliance.

Fostering trust

In an era where data breaches and cyberattacks are commonplace, customer trust is paramount. By implementing robust data encryption, businesses can assure customers that their personal and sensitive information is secure. This fosters trust and confidence in the company’s ability to handle data responsibly, strengthens customer relationships and protects the company’s reputation.

It’s also important to remember that data encryption is not limited to customer data protection. It also plays a vital role in safeguarding trade secrets and proprietary information. Encryption prevents unauthorised access and helps preserve the integrity and confidentiality of valuable assets, providing a competitive advantage for businesses.

There are other ways that data encryption can benefit modern businesses.

Uncompromising security

In today’s remote work environment, data flows through numerous devices, making it crucial for businesses to ensure uncompromising data security. Companies face the challenge of limited control over how employees share and access data, and with potential security threats existing across personal devices, encryption plays a critical role in safeguarding data from unauthorised access. By using encryption, businesses can guarantee that data remains obscured and secure across any device.

Data manipulation and tampering are also a worry for businesses. Encryption not only protects against data tampering, but can help users identify any unsanctioned modifications, helping businesses maintain the integrity of their data.

Many industries operate under stringent regulations that enforce data privacy. For example, the healthcare industry adheres to HIPAA regulations governing the storage of sensitive patient data. Additionally, there are various data protection regulations such as Popia and GDPR, among others. Non-compliance with these regulations can result in hefty penalties for organisations, and encryption helps businesses to meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance.

Keeping IP safe

Theft and manipulation of intellectual property (IP) pose significant risks in today’s landscape, where cyber espionage is not as unusual as one might think. Safeguarding patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets is of utmost importance. Data encryption plays a key role in preventing the unauthorised use or reproduction of copyrighted material, protecting valuable IP.

Data breaches have raised concerns among customers regarding the security and privacy of their personal information. As a responsible business that values its customers, prioritising security best practices is essential. By assuring customers that their business adheres to specific encryption standards to uphold data privacy, businesses can gain a competitive advantage and foster trust.

Implementing data encryption across the business is crucial for organisations that want to protect their data. Encryption safeguards data integrity, helps meet regulatory compliance requirements, protects intellectual property and enhances consumer trust. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can mitigate risks, maintain a strong security posture and instil confidence in their customers.

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