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Data-level ransomware prevention aimed by novel Cigent platform | #ransomware | #cybercrime

SecurityWeek reports that Cigent Technology has introduced a new endpoint data protection platform that provides data encryption and exfiltration protections in an effort to avert ransomware compromise.

Such a solution features the constant encryption of data that could only be encrypted by users with zero-trust multifactor authentication, according to Cigent, which also touted users’ freedom in assigning files for encryption as well as the MFA method to be used.

Organizations using Windows, Mac, and Linux devices could also integrate Cigent Platform with their existing endpoint detection and response solutions, with the platform also compatible with Windows Hello, Okta, and other leading authentication providers.

“We understand that endpoints already have a lot of overhead and management aligned with their security. So, this is a set and forget solution. I don’t have to continually look out to check for a new threat vector or a new concern. I pushed this out – I set policy and I don’t have to worry about it going forward,” said Cigent Chief Growth Officer Brett Hansen.

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