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My Cringiest Tinder Date in China

Before COVID hit, I was in full date-mode.  I love dating, the thrill of possibilities meeting a new person! Most of my experiences were great fun, but sometimes a little bit of cringe finds its way in.

This was one of those dates.  A man so cringe, so oblivious to social cues that I had to cut things off mid-pint. It’s all good though, the cringe makes you appreciate the good dates even more!

First at the start of the date he greets me with a chest bump…why?

We will forever wonder. It was not a sporting match. I said I’m a hugger, but he opted for a bump.

Then he proceeds to ask me if I know what Poland is.  The country Poland.  Have I heard of it?

…yes. Yes, I had in fact heard of Poland because I’m a person on this earth.

He then starts insisting that I tell him a joke and “be funny.”

My guy….I am not a stand-up comedian. It’s not open mic time, we’re having a beer.

Needless to say this arbitrary behavior, apparent doubts about my intelligence and demands on my comedic timing put a crimp in the night.

We hadn’t finished one drink when, as he was half way to to the toilets, I yelled “good night!” from across the bar and cheezed it outta there quick! It was absurdist cringe.

Have you ever been on an awkward China Tinder date? 

We’d love to hear! Share it in one of the DNC group chats or send your story into DNC admin Rachel (WeChat ID: rachelweiss22).

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