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It is usually not hard to figure out why a man cheated, and sometimes there does not even have to be a reason, besides the fact that he is a man, and an opportunity had presented itself or presented her slutty ass, I should say. Now to be fair, not all men would cheat on their partners, whether they were particularly happy or not.  I like to call these group of men “Jaguars” because they are on the endangered species list and almost extinct. If you have this type of man, keep him satisfied, he deserves it!

Now since we really don’t need to go any further into why men cheat, I want to talk about women with all their “sugar & spice”.  We, as a gender are generally viewed as the sweet and innocent partner of the duo, the one who would be less likely to stray.  Just to get this argument out of the way, we all know based on statistics etc. that over the years there has been a huge increase in the amount of women who cheat, but usually you can pick these hoe bags out of a crowd, and maybe should not make one of those types your girlfriend or wife.

What I am talking about today is that loving, shy, predictable woman who absolutely adores you…

So why do these women stray when they are #1. not a scandalous mark ass trick as noted above and #2. in love with and adores you?!

Yea her, your little innocent Angel

The answer is….. Lack of  the two A’s,  Attention & Affection!

Affection is to women, what Sex is to men. It is absolutely necessary for a happy and functioning relationship!  Now I know most of you are thinking that this is only relevant with needy and insecure women, and I would say you are correct, to a point.. There are some women out there that need constant reassurance that you still like them every 5 minutes… (The kind of women who can suck the fun right out of a room). But for the most part, even the more secure and non-crazy girl will contemplate finding some honey on the side if her King B is not producing enough nectar to keep her feeling loved and supported. It is unfortunate and usually takes a lot of negligence on a man’s part to get an overall “good woman” to this level, where infidelity is her only escape and means to gain affection and attention, but it does happen, and it happens more often than most probably think.

Let’s be real, all women crave attention from our partners… It’s natural to want to feel wanted, and most happy, normal, secure women get that craving satisfied in a healthy and loving manner. Some men may not be as openly affectionate as others, and some show it in is less obvious, but more sensual ways than the outright all over you types. I find these men to be the most desirable. They can touch your back for a second in just the right spot, or lightly tap your booty in public in a sneaky way, or even just give you a look and you feel the intensity he feels for you in that little show of affection. That to me, is much better than a guy who holds my hand all the time everywhere we go or feels the need to constantly touch or kiss me all day long.

But unfortunately, some women want the “show of” attention opposed to real sincere affection.

Now, before we get more deeper into what causes these women to cheat, lets break it down into the four (very vague) groups of women walking the earth. Minus the hoe bags, they have already been used, labeled, and tossed aside, as per usual.

1. Insecure Irene

This is your typical, “why didn’t you call me at 5:30 like you said you were going to call me at 5:30?” (Mind you, it is 5:45 and she is practically in tears). Irene is more likely to endure years of your 15 minute late phone call abuse (how could you?) and spend the majority of that time digging through all your personal items & electronics looking for any sign of your treacherous cheating before she would even consider wasting any valuable stalker time on stepping out with another man.

These type of insecure, non-trusting, constantly needs you to hold her hand, and be all up on her women,  are much too focused on you, to turn to cheating. In fact if you are dating a girl like this, I bet you could only hope for the bitch to cheat, at least you would have a minute or two of breathing room to yourself. She will more than likely stick to you like glue until you get sick of her and literally peel her from your leg, file a restraining order, and call the police after the third time you find her hiding in the bushes, then she will probably go away after a few stalker calls, text, and emails.

Or (fingers crossed)

She will hopefully, for your sake, get sick of you getting sick of her and find a new victim to replace her necessity to feel loved every second of the day, while terrorizing every aspect of his life and simultaneously looking for any and all relationship faults to bitch, whine, and argue about.

This roller-coaster of crazy will just continue from one man to the next and the likely hood of her cheating,  is low…

2. Lack Luster Lucy

These types of chicks are not quite as disturbed when it comes to relationships as Irenes, but are still tipping the psycho scales a tad. Lucy’s issues stem less from being a master manipulating, insecure, stalker; as that she is more obsessed with the fact that she rocks and you barely deserve her, so you better make her feel special and adorned upon 24-7.

Lucy is the boring in bed, boring in life, boring in conversation, just boring babe that is usually hot and thinks because she is hot, she does not need to have anything else going for her; such as a kick-ass sense of humor, winning personality, or bedroom skills that make him go bonkers.

The likely hood of this chick cheating is about 50/50. Because she has a sense of undeserved entitlement about herself, she is likely to be drawn to someone who comes along and shows the slightest more attention than you do, or who makes her feel in-sincerely special (because dumb bitches eat that fake shit up) then she will probs let him hit a few times behind your back or at least dump you for him, claiming this guy makes her feel like a princess and you just have no clue what you had in her. (besides a fucking headache.)

3. Melancholy Marsha

Marsha is a whole lot less crazy than your average Lucy or Irene. In fact she is somewhat normal (as far as relationships are concerned).  This lady will for the most part not demand constant attention from you, or treat you like garbage, while trying to keep you on a short leash. In fact, she is more the suffer in silence type of chick (think Bella Swan-esk) almost like a martyr.

She will be hurt and feel sad about the little insignificant things that men sometimes do un-intentionally, but she will not bother to mention it to her man, and will just sulk in silence hoping he would notice and ask her “what’s wrong” only for her to reply, “nothing” while looking down and acting as if her puppy just got shot… (can someone say ANNOYING).

A huge percentage of non-hoe bags, Irenes’, or Lucys’ are unfortunately in this category, some more extreme than others, and some grow from a Marsha into a coveted Sally (our final group) over time, experience, and maturity.

The likely hood of her being down with “OPP” is pretty low but again it depends on the level of normality this chick is at. Usually a Marsha’s mind is less filled with thoughts of “gotta find evidence” or “I am soooo awesome and everyone better think so too”, that there is some room left for reason, morals, and a sense of her own identity other than just being fill in the blanks _____ girlfriend, or Boring Beauty Queen. She is  more the type to become involved in an emotional relationship with another guy, rather than a sexual cheat. She is the kind who will cling to a dude or two in her life, or from her past, that she knows adores her. This way she can get the attention and validation she is craving, but still have reason to mope around sad about the fact that it is not coming from you.

But because they are somewhat on planet earth and not totally delusional, this will not be enough for her and eventually, after moping around for a while, she will bring up her feelings and then you will have to decide, if you want to stick around and be more loving, or conclude that her woe is me act has gotten old and ridiculous enough for you to walk away.

4. Secure Sally

Sally is that girl who has a life too, so she is not constantly wondering if you are constantly thinking about her, or who you are with, and what you are “up to”. In fact if Sally thinks you are cheating, then you probably are.  Secure, non-psychopath women have a sixth sense about her man when it comes to cheating, and can usually feel when something is off. You guys are not quite the brilliant master minds you think you are most of the time, and you always give off subtle clues that the Sally’s of the world,  who have their heads in the right place, and minds clear, can pick up on and see.

So if a Sally is feeling  like she is not getting enough affection, than you are probably not  that into her and she knows it, or you are giving it to some other chick.  These women know the very distinct difference between the Loyal Lover who is just less open about his affection as opposed to the Cheating Charlie who is being spread too thin to show his girl enough love.

The chances of her cheating out of lack of affection from you is slim to none, this type of chick does not need to cheat to feel validated and secure with herself, and you are not the core center of her happiness, so if things do not feel right, she will just walk away and wish you the best.  Now, this is not to say she won’t pull off a successful and strategically planned revenge cheat, if in fact you did her dirty. Sally ‘s are smart and can be a bit theatrical at times, so if she believes in “eye for an eye” (not saying they all do) then you better keep your pickle in your pants. Because she might get you back and leave you with the thought of having another man making her scream his name….

So why do the ones who decide to cheat, cheat instead of just leaving?

Answer: Because they love you and are not strong enough to speak up or if they have and nothing changes, they are not strong enough to leave you.  A non slut face women will never cheat based off of the same reasons a man would. It is more emotional for us because sex is something most of us relate to bonding, friendship, relationship, and love

So is it your fault if your women steps out on you from lack of affection?

Answer: Yes, what do you expect her to do, just as the argument goes (which I will always say the women are to blame for too) if she is not giving it up, on a regular basis, and keeping it fun, you are going to stray right? Or at least start to consider it. The difference is just because I say “yes, you do carry some blame” does not mean, in any way, do I think it is ever right or justified for anyone to cheat out of something lacking in the relationship, whether it be sex or affection.

Even if it is provoked, deserved, or you have been “pushed into the arms of another” as so many cheaters love to use as an excuse. Cheating is the ultimate betrayal and sometimes the last resort before a breakup or divorce, and some men and women actually think it might save their marriage if they can get the attention elsewhere, then come home and be happy with whatever is left there.  This type of situation is for the weak, tired, settlers of the world.

If you are not happy and need more from your partner, speak up or move on! As a society women are already labeled as weaker, sensitive, needy, bad drivers compared to our counterparts…  You don’t need the scarlet letter (which so appropriately happens to be an A) affixed to your reputation as well. Be a Sally, someone who is stimulating  in bed, in life, in conversation, and his a total babe with a kick-ass sense of humor, winning personality, and bedroom skills that make him go bonkers! Keep your man and yourself happy and leave the crazy stalking and cheating to the rest of the nut jobs in the world.

What It all boils down to is some women are super needy and require way too much of your undivided attention in order to feel safe in the relationship.  This type of women will never be happy, the more you give the more she will want.  But on the flip side, if you are one of those men who gets too wrapped up in everything in his life other than his girl, do not be surprised if she strays. Never be too cold, busy, or clueless to see your woman slipping away.

Never chase love and affection, if it is not given freely by another person, then it isn’t worth having!

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