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A social media user took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to inform about a “new scam” he had fallen victim to after going on a date with a girl he had met on a dating app. He alleged he was scammed out of more than 15,000. In a series of posts, he even explained how he had paid an inflated bill at a Delhi restaurant following the date.

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A 25-year-old man in Delhi said he met a woman on a dating site, Bumble. He then added that the woman approached him and asked him to meet her at a bar in Rajouri Garden. “She ordered drinks and the bill was 15,886,” the man said, claiming that he had received an inflated bill at the bar. “They tapped my card four times as there was some issue with their machines,” he said in a post.

After paying the bill, the man said he went to the washroom. By the time he returned, the bill kept on the table had disappeared, and his date insisted on leaving quickly. It was only when he reached home that he realised he had been scammed. He checked Bumble and realised the woman had “disappeared” – she also began to ignore his phone.

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The scam is not a new one. In a thread on X, the Delhi man shared reviews of the bar that he had gone to. One of those reviews said, “Please ignore going to this place and your friends also for the same. They are doing scams here…”

Another user had also posted on July 30 this year, informing about the “scamming Nexus going on around Rajouri garden”. He said, “On a dating app she asked me to meet me and so I went here she order some items and heavy amount of bill which was around 11k for the items which should be around 2.5k to 3k maximum and I realised this scam a bit late when I confronted the staff they were reluctant to help me.”

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“This is happening very frequently. Have made so many posts about it,” another person posted.

The modus operandi

The modus operandi seems to be quite simple:

1. The bar in Rajouri hires young women to reel in young men over dating sites

2. Woman insists on going to to a particular bar and restaurant in Rajouri Garden for the date

3. The girl orders two-three drinks, the bar then charges them 15-20,000

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