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If you’re hung up on the question of “do looks matter?” then you really need to read this. If you’re new to cold approach pick-up it can be a little confusing if looks really do matter. The honest answer is looks do matter when it comes to really attractive top tier (We’ll use the term ATT women for this article).

The honest truth behind why looks matter to ATT attractive women and why you’re actively increasing the chances of you not sleeping with them stems from your style. When I see a stunner with a guy who’s clearly her boyfriend he’s always looking stylish. These men usually vary from physical features but the style always remains the same. They always look like they’re high value. They always look clean, expensive and prideful in their looks. They’re pretty much the male equivalent of their girlfriends. From far away, coupled with their girlfriends, they always look right together.

I think too many guys focus only on game and not enough on their personal style or physical appearance. Most of the puas I’ve met in field always stood out in a nightclub in a negative way. They’d constantly come to the club dressed in a mediocre fashion. Furthermore, they’d have bad bad hygiene and didn’t look like they took much pride in their physical health, style or fitness. The guys that were banging the ATT girls usually had two of the three aspects of their style down if not all. Guys that were banging those girls viewed themselves as high value and had great levels of pride, self-acceptance and entitlement.

Style Is A Factor That Will Help You Succeed

Style is one variable that’s a big factor in your success. This is the way you’re presenting yourself to others. Forget the idea of not caring what other people think. It’s time to start caring about how others (especially women) view you because when you start caring about how others are viewing you, you’ll start to take a bit more pride in your presentation. It doesn’t matter if you’re handsome or not, if you look like a bum, people will treat you as one. This is why I advocate guys learning cold approach to take as much pride in their style as much as they do their game. If you’re a guy that has excellent game but usually dresses like shit, you’ll probably get success but you’re only making things harder for yourself.

Why have something work against you when you can have it work for you? – Unknown

Looks play a big part in your social success as well. I remember a few years back when I didn’t take my pride in my style. I only made things harder for myself. I made it harder for myself to get accepted into exclusive nightclubs, I made it harder for women (and some guys) to meet me, and I made it harder for myself to feel entitled (and comfortable) most of the time.

Dress Like A Valuable Player

You should dress like how to view yourself. If you feel like an unconfident little boy then you’re going to have to focus on building your core principles and personal references, obviously. I’d still follow the message in this article while you’re on the road of developing the best version of yourself too. Personally, I feel like a high value man. So, if I feel like a high value guy, why would I dress like a low value guy? I wouldn’t make sense. So, I take it upon myself to present to the world the way I view myself… which is valuable playboy (trust me, I’m not rich too).

A big problem I see with guys going out to nightclubs is their lack of pride in their appearance. They dress sloppy or lacklustre. It’s funny because they’re usually dumbfounded on why they’re treated differently. For example, when I go out to an exclusive nightclub in Toronto, I never get into any problems. If anything, I’m always treated with extreme respect, warm welcomes, and ultimately, a positive experience. I never get into any problems at the door. In contrast with one particular wing, who’s usually under-dressed, he usually has problems at the door. The only times he doesn’t get into any problems is when he’s rolling with me. If you dress with pride everything is smooth sailing for the most part.

The reason why this happens mainly comes down to perceptive status. When I dress up, I look like I belong in the venue while he doesn’t. People at the door don’t question me why I’m there. They assume that I belong (which I ultimately do) while their perception of him says otherwise. Clubs wants to uphold a certain type of image for a certain type of crowd they’re aiming for. I dress pridefully because it makes my life easier and I personally like the way I look in well-design clothing. It’s not because I want to fit-in it’s because I take pride and invest in myself. I want others to view me as I view myself  which is a man of value.

When you look like you belong in a certain status class you get treated differently. You get treated better than the average person. People are more open to meeting you, girls gravitate towards you and you get questioned less by everyone. If you look and become someone of importance, most people will act accordingly to you. Your presentation tells the girls your story.

Ultimately, the message I’m trying to convey here is dress like how to want others to view you. If you want other to view you as a loser then dress like one. If you want people to view you as a high value man, dress like one. This doesn’t mean break the bank by buying ridiculously expensive cloths. It just means invest in yourself. If you can’t invest into your brand why should anyone else?

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