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College is a wonderfully strange place.

As a girl who’s currently in college, I’ve realized a few things over the years.

First, college campuses have become a sort of “safe zone” for students to feel comfortable meeting new people without the pressure of the “bar scene” or the awkwardness of meeting on the street.

And this might surprise you, but in my experience… I actually want more guys to approach me!

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Just walking part of the way to class with me is enough for me to know if I want something more.

(I don’t tell many people this, but I’ve even taken the longer way to my classes just to pass by a couple more guys.)

Of course, there’s always a chance I won’t be interested if you talk to me — but you might be surprised what you find out if you try.

Plus, if I like and respect you as a person, then I’ll definitely be telling my cute, single friends about you later. ?

So today, I’m going to show you exactly how to meet and ask out college girls, without ever risking rejection.

The #1 Key to Approaching College Girls Without Scaring Them Away

The key to truly piquing my interest, or the interest of any college girl, is to be confident without being too assertive.

There’s a fine line between bold and forceful, and it’s important to straddle it with care.

Now, there are definitely some gray areas when it comes to the signs that a woman is into you, but Gotham Club expert David Dupree has recently revealed a foolproof way to let a woman know you’re interested without being overly aggressive.

So keep reading, because I’m about to show you the 3-step “formula” to ask out a college girl that will maximize your chances of success.

1) Use Your Surroundings to Your Advantage

As you probably already know, to start any good conversation, you need an opener.

Your opening line should be non-threatening and even innocent so that the girl on the receiving end feels comfortable continuing the conversation with you.

Luckily, there are numerous ways to do this on a college campus. The trick is to take advantage of your environment.

Most campuses have important artifacts on campus that are specific to the university’s history — these artifacts are scattered all over the campus. It can be anything from a statue…

To a commemorative bench…

Or even a tree.

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Pick one, and remember it.

If you can’t find any artifacts, look around at the buildings. Find a map and locate a relatively obscure building — keep the name of the building in mind.

And here’s what to do next:

2) Ask a Question & Walk Away (Seriously)

Yes, you read that right — you’re going to walk away.

But first, you need to establish a simple connection.

This is where it’s important to use your blind confidence — simply walk up to her with your “artifact” or building in mind, and ask her:

“Hey, do you know where [name] is?”

You don’t need to lead with your name or have any sort of formal introduction. Just play it safe and ask the question — it does all the work for you.

And because this is a casual, first-time interaction, it’s important not to take it too seriously.

Approach her with a smile and stand up tall — because you’re not actually asking her on a date, there’s zero pressure on you to perform.

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I repeat: you are not asking her on a date. Keep this in mind.

You’re just a normal guy, talking to a normal girl.

This opening line works because it allows her to sympathize with you. Everyone has been in this position before: Lost and having to ask random people for directions. Chances are she’ll be willing to at least help you out (if not introduce herself to you).

So what next?

After she tells you where to go, this is your cue to walk away.

It Doesn’t End There…

Even if you keep talking to her, keep walking.

This works because it’s strategic — you’re getting out of your head, and you’re presenting yourself as a non-threat to her.

It might sound counterintuitive, but trust me. As a college girl, this is the best thing you can do to maximize your odds of success.

So after you ask a few girls where something is, your next step is to find a place to sit down.

Make sure this is an area of constant traffic. Here are a few good examples:

  • A local coffee shop…
  • The library…
  • A courtyard…
  • In the grass…

Wherever — when you find it, pop a squat.

Sooner or later, the woman you talked to earlier will be likely to pass by, while you are already in the perfect spot for her to notice you.

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If she sees you, she’ll recognize you as the man she helped. This gives her all the more reason to approach you. ?

And now you can have that meaningful conversation you probably expected to have earlier.

Doing this works, because only the girls who actually want to know more about you will approach you here. It’s a win/win.

3) Don’t Give Up

Now that you’ve started getting the hang of the technique, it’s time to perfect it. And as with anything, practice makes perfect!

What’s great about this process is that, unlike with other methods, it’s 100% risk-free. You give the choice completely to the woman, so she won’t see you as “forward” or “aggressive.”

Because of this, you are free to practice without fear of failure.

And once you’ve got a college girl hooked, of course you’re going to want to impress her in bed. I know it can seem intimidating — jumping into bed with a hot, younger woman.

But it doesn’t have to be… not when you’ve got this sexual “secret weapon” in your arsenal:

4) The #1 Way to Impress a College Girl In Bed…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone home with a lacrosse player or frat bro… only to be suuuuper disappointed by his performance in bed. ?

Like the last guy I went home with… the 6’5” center on the basketball team. He lasted 30 freaking seconds. UGH!!!

And I’m not the only one — all my girlfriends agree… most college-age guys just don’t know how to sexually satisfy us. Almost like they just don’t care.

And then there was Alan…. oh, Alan.

I met him in the campus coffee shop, after he told me my shoelace was untied (whoops lol)… he wasn’t as tall as the guys I usually date, and he was a little older too…

But after talking for a while… I decided to ask him out for a drink (he was just so composed & mature… a total breath of fresh air from the college guys I’m used to).

Well, one thing led to another… and we ended up back at my dorm… and Oh. My. GOD.

I had no idea a guy his age could pleasure me like that!!! Honestly, he wasn’t even that big *down there*… but he blew every college guy I had slept with completely out of the water.

“Mmmmmmm, Alan, that was incredible,” I said to him afterward… “Did you, like, take a supplement or something beforehand?”

He chuckled & pulled out his phone… “It’s not a weird prescription or sketchy drug if that’s what you’re asking… here, this should help explain it.”

I saw the words “Briana Banks, Alana Evans, & Edyn Blair Reveal…” and assumed it was porn… but it’s not! And in fact, I was surprised to see Alan’s “secret” is totally legit:

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