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Use these proven diet tips to last all night long in bed…

 What Are The Best Foods To Last Longer In Bed? Discover The Somewhat Surprising Truth Below…

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Today I’m going to show you some foods to last longer in bed… and some that may be potentially holding you back.

Because most guys have been in this scenario before:

She’s hot.

You’re getting tired. 

You don’t want this to stop.

She’s giving you that look…

 You know the one.

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Almost every guy on the planet has experienced this… but what if there was a way to last just a little bit longer, without popping a potentially dangerous prescription or pill?

According to a recent experiment and evidence from Mr. Universe himself, your diet may have a lot to do with how long you last (or don’t last) in bed.

How Long Does The Average Guy Last In Bed?

Want to know an alarming statistic?

According to Dr. Randy Olsen, a Lead Data Scientist at Life Epigenetics, Inc, studies show that the average heterosexual man lasts an average of just six minutes before ejaculating. 

Six minutes?

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This is telling, especially given that women need an average of twenty minutes to orgasm according to sex therapist, Vanessa Marin. 

If you want to keep her satisfied and keep that erection going all night, ditching the meat and going vegan could be the key.

Vegans Vs. Meat Eaters: Who ACTUALLY Lasts Longer In Bed?

In the Netflix documentary, The Game Changers, top athletes were tested to show the difference in stamina and energy over 48 hours based on their diet. 

It boasts interviews with well-known athletes who advocate for a plant-based, vegan diet, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lewis Hamilton.

The first night, three athletes were given meat burritos to eat and the second night, they ate veggie burritos.

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 A ring was inserted around each of their penises to measure how long they were able to stay hard.

The results?

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Eat Your Veggies! 3 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Adding More Green to Your Diet

Eating the veggie burrito increased their erections by 447% compared to when they ate the meat based one.

It also increased firmness by 13.5%, adding extra validity to the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.

The documentary is influencing other top athletes as well as actors to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

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When asked how he was able to maintain his fit body, actor (best known for his role as Ivan Drago in Rocky IV), Dolph Lundgren told Good Morning Britain that watching The Game Changers was his inspiration for going vegan. 

According to LiveKindly, he also jokingly mentions experiencing a  “15 percent” improvement in sexual performance as a result of eating foods to last longer in bed. 

1) Lower Possible Erectile Dysfunction

The Game Changers’ producer, James Wilke, a former MMA fighter, shares how going vegan can improve one’s sexual performance. 

In his words:

We know that meat has been implicated in … causing erectile dysfunction… but also sperm quality, sperm mobility, energy and this type of thing.”

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2) Get In The Right Frame of Mind To Perform Better

According to London-based nurse, Lorraine Grover, there could be a connection between a healthy plant-based diet and experiencing positive mental health, which affects sexual performance.

She says:

Your mental health has a big impact. Veganism may have helped (him) psychologically, and that carried over into his sexual performance.”

3) Going Vegan Can Reduce Arthritis

The last thing you want to happen (other than coming too fast) is to have to stop sex halfway through because of arthritis pain.

Particularly arthritis pain in the knees and shoulder joints.

According to HealthLine, a study compared those who adopted an omnivorous diet with those who adopted a vegan one.

What did they find?

The vegan group were more likely to have less morning stiffness, limited swelling in the joint area and generally less pain than their meat-eating counterparts. 

Eating probiotic-rich foods in a vegan diet can lessen symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, which can positively affect how you move when you’re getting busy between the sheets!

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Get in Touch with Your Sensual Side…Through Food

So, now you know the secret: 

Changing up your diet to be healthier and include more greens will most definitely make you last longer in bed. 

Would Arnold lie to you? 

No way.

And neither would the science behind these super smart tips and tricks. 

But there’s another perk to eating these special foods… 

If you get out of your food rut, you’re going to wind up cooking some new dishes.

Now, maybe you’re already a big-time chef. 

But if you’re anything like most of the guys I’ve dated, you tend to fall into the same microwavable habits night after night. 

Cereal. Sandwich. Microwave something from the freezer. Repeat. 

Now that you know how to jazz up your diet so you can last longer in bed, it’s time to jazz up your kitchen time, too—for hidden sexual benefits. 

That’s right, guys. Aprons aren’t only hot on the ladies…

 I’m here to tell you: women love a man who can cook. 

Not only a man who can cook for her, but a man who knows how to take care of himself and feed himself right. 

Knowing how to cook sends all kinds of signals to women about what a great candidate you are for banging. 

Nothing looks hotter on a guy than responsibility and good health, for real. 

If you’re master of your domain, she’s going to recognize that and be super turned on by it. 

The last thing a woman wants is a guy who never learned to take care of himself. 

She doesn’t want to be your mom… (Well, not unless she has some unique kinks. But that’s for another article.) 

If she comes over to your place and sees that you know your way around the kitchen…

…AND that you know how to eat a healthy diet filled with foods that help you last longer in bed…

She’s not going to waste any more time before she jumps into that bed.

I mean, come on. Do you think Arnold lies around on the couch with French fries sticking to his t-shirt? 

Well, everyone needs to kick back every once in a while…

…but most of the time, you can bet Mr. Universe is eating delicious meals, made from foods that boost sexual health. 

Now it’s your turn. You’ll impress her because you can last forever in the sack — and also because you know the difference between kale and collards. 

You’re a confident, capable, man who looks and feels great and can last forever in bed. 

Now that’s sexy. 

Not Sure How to Start Going Vegan? Follow These 3 Proven Tips

While you may not be ready to go vegan all the way, there are things you can do to make the transition…

… especially if you want to jumpstart your erection and her pleasure 4X the average:

1) Eat More of These 4 Foods

Here are some foods to last longer in bed that you can start to add to your everyday diet to increase your libido and help keep you going all night.

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Some examples of healthy vegan-friendly foods to last longer in bed include:

  • Arugula: This leafy green contains tons of antioxidants and has been known as a top aphrodisiac since the first century, according to VegNews!
  • Avocados: These have tons of good stuff for your libido, including vitamin E, vitamin B-6 and folic acid.
  • Cashew Nuts: Nuts have a ton of zinc, which according to OneGreenPlanet, are key to pumping up that testosterone and getting your blood pumping in umm… all the right ways.
  • Garlic: Yeah, it may be smelly but this is another one of those must-have foods to incorporate as it’s heart healthy and also contains a ton of antioxidants that keep your blood flow strong and erection up! 

Pro Tip: Take her to an Italian restaurant on your next date…you’ll thank us later.

2) Learn About Substitutes

It’s normal to crave certain foods and then go into a panic when you don’t know how to make the “vegan” equivalent.

This can lead to crashing and burning and a ton of frustration.

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There are tons of cheap and delicious substitutes that taste close to the non-vegan equivalent.

Think cheese and meat-tasting stuff!

If you’re short on time, check out this guide  from TheThrivingVegan that has 12 of the top substitutes. 

This is the #1 proven way to increase hardness all night (try this after trying the top foods to last longer in bed)…

3) Remember: You Don’t Have to Go Full-on Hippie Tree Hugger to Get These Same “Boosting” Benefits in The Bedroom…

If you’re anything like me, you may say you’re going “cold turkey” off burgers… and then find yourself at McDonald’s three days in a row in one week.

Luckily, there is good news:

You DON’T have to give up meat, cheese and basically everything delicious to last longer in bed… and get firmer erections.

Thanks to one adult male performer, Dave Cummings, we now know a clever ”diet hack” that can give you the same exact benefits of a plant-based diet… without going full-on vegan… or giving up your favorite foods:

Just eat this somewhat exotic plant-based “snack” from time to time!

Dave credits this combination of 5 blood flow-boosting veggies (which he’s dubbed the “Sex Snack”) with his ability to get it up, practically “on-command”…

… bang hot younger actresses for hours at a time without a break… stay hard as a lead freakin’ pipe the WHOLE TIME

AND at the ripe old age of 73, it’s the only thing he can use for that much-needed bedroom “boost” that won’t give him heart problems… or make him feel bad the next day.

(We’re all aware of the dangerous side effects of that little blue pill…)

For an old, fat, balding guy, I have to say I was REALLY impressed with what he can do in bed… and more than a little turned on if I’m being honest. ?

Click here now to discover the recipe for this “Sex Snack” from the man himself!

(Don’t worry… it’s NOT porn lol… though there ARE 2 hot, scantily-clad female pornstars in the video too…!)

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