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Get Out of the Friendzone FAST — And the Low Risk Move That Leads Straight to Sex…

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Hi, it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

Today I want to talk to you about one of the most common — and in my opinion, most misunderstood — questions that I get.

Clients, friends, Gotham Club members… everyone asks me:

“Magic, I like this girl, but she thinks of me as a friend. I’m stuck in the friendzone. How can I get out?”

What would you say if I give you an answer no other dating coach has probably ever given you?

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Because I actually don’t believe there is such a thing as the friendzone.

I think it’s a complete fabrication.

That’s right, I said it.

All being friends means, is that this person (who has feelings for you, or she wouldn’t be your friend) doesn’t have sexual feelings for you in that moment.

You just need to change the feeling and change the moment… 

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Because as soon as she begins to see you that way…

It’s SO easy to get her into bed…

Check out my step-by-step method for how to get her to stop seeing you as friend material, and start seeing you as someone she can’t wait another minute to f**k…

Watch the video above to learn how to make the friendzone work for you…

In this video, I reveal exactly how you can get the most sex of your life — from the friendzone — plus:

  • Why 99% of my relationships start in the friendzone… and if you follow my advice, I guarantee this will work for you, too…

  • My 4-step “Friends to F**king” conversion plan… and why it never fails

  • 3 specific “Transition Tricks” that move you from platonic friendship to flirting — so subtlety that she won’t even realize it (until her panties get wet…)

  • Why you should move like a “Clunker Car” not a Porsche, when it comes to exiting the friendzone… (This is the #1 mistake MOST that gets most guys trapped in the friendzone with no way out…)

  • Discover the “plausible deniability touch” that is 100% NO RISK, and exactly how to execute it…

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The “Low Risk” Way to Make Your Move (That Leads Straight to Sex)…

The place where most guys get held up in this sequence?

Is making the move at the end.

She could be flashing a big neon “F**k me!” sign and spreading her legs wide open for you…

But because you have all this “history” and “baggage” as friends… you’re probably going to be reluctant to act on it.

“What if she doesn’t really feel that way about me? What if I ruin our friendship?” Etc.

So here’s what you do:

It’s a really low-risk, seemingly “friendly” series of touches that turns her on a LOT.

This is the type of thing that gives you plausible deniability.

If it works as intended (and 99% of the time it does)… she’ll get more “handsy” with you naturally…

Start rubbing your arms… chest… and even your crotch (uh… yeah. Seriously!)

From there, it’s really easy to f**k her brains out… and ditch all of this “what if I ruin the friendship?” nonsense for good.

And on the rare occasion that it doesn’t work?

These touches seem completely “innocent” and “friendly.” So if she has the willpower of a nun crushing an aspirin between her knees…

You’ll know that you guys can still be friends… and there’s no lasting damage.

I’ll bet one of those options sounds WAY better than the other though…

So if you have a hot female friend in mind who you want to bend over… slide her panties to the side… and thrust into all night long…

You gotta check this out:

3 Low-Risk, Seemingly “Friendly” Touches That Take Her From Friend to Lover… FAST!

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