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The Secret to Hooking Up With Young Women in 1-2-3 EASY Steps…

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Hi, it’s Magic, one of Gotham Club’s experts.

Today, I have to talk about this question. Now, I say have to, not want to (though I also want to)… because it’s one of the most common questions I get from clients.

Here’s the question:

“I like women who are much younger than me… what should I do differently when flirting with them?”

And you know what, here’s why I actually love this question…

First of all, it applies to most men.

WARNING: These Shocking “Touch Tricks” Turn Hot Girls On & Make Them Want to Bang Your Brains Out (Don’t Use These Unless You Want Sex Right Away!)…

I like younger women. I’m willing to bet you also like younger women, lol.

What’s not to like?  The firm young bodies, the insatiable libido, the sense of adventure…

But, also, I love this question because this is one question where there is an actual right answer.

And that’s what I want to share with you today:

The 100% always right answer to exactly what you should do differently when flirting with a younger woman…

Watch the video above to learn the difference…

In this video, I reveal exactly how to change your game when flirting with a younger woman, PLUS:

  • The “Zero Effect” difference between dating a younger and dating an older woman… and how to use it to your advantage…

  • Why the “Human Habits” theory works decidedly in your favor when it comes to meeting younger women…

  • The ONE thing every woman wants you to know about her… (and why taking the time to discover it goes a long way to making her fall for you!)

  • There’s only one thing that is a problem for younger women (and it’s NOT your age…) Find out what it is, and how to avoid it…

  • Discover the 1-2-3 step sequence you can use to connect with her emotional side… (Read on below to discover what this is, and how to use it to get her into bed tonight…)

Here’s EXACTLY What to Do to Sleep With Hot Younger Women (& Why It Works BETTER on Hot Younger Girls…)

Like I said… you should do everything exactly the same with a really hot younger woman:

1) Start by making a strong eye contact from across the room… and holding it until she looks away…

2) Maintain strong “Alpha” body language to show her you’re a powerful, desirable man…

3) Touch her using this specific sequence… and in this EXACT order.

All women make sexual decisions with their emotional brain (and NOT their logical brain)…

In other words, it’s all about how you make them FEEL vs what they think about you.

And that especially goes for younger women.

Younger women are often even more in tune with their emotions… and the emotional center of their brain…

Think of it this way: when hot younger women see a guy with a really hot car… they aren’t thinking:

“Oooh! Expensive car! He must be a great provider with lots of good resource I can use…”

No… she’s thinking:

“OMG! I would love to ride in that! Seems like fun!”

Now I’m not saying you need an expensive car to attract these girls…

You just need to give them the same emotional experience as seeing the sports car!

And the easiest way to do that… is that specific touch sequence I talked about before.

It creates a flood of “pleasure” chemicals that flow through her brain, creating a magnetic attraction to you she won’t be able to fight.

This sequence makes her feel powerful emotions for you really quickly…

In fact, often you’ll be able to  f**k these girls within an hour or two of meeting them…

To watch a video where I use this exact touch sequence to take home a hot girl I’d never met before within a couple of hours of meeting her on the beach… click the link below now:

[VIDEO] This Simple “Touch Sequence” Turns Her On & Makes Her Horny For You FAST (Do This EXACT Order to F**k Her!)

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