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Ready to Hookup After Quarantine? So are All the Hot Women… And Here’s What They Want…

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It’s no stretch to say this has been a crazy and emotional year…

So much has changed, and even as we’re getting back to going outside, getting to see people, and going out in public, everything feels different.

I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but I have: my body feels different, too.

In a way that surprised me:

I’m hungry for sex all the time… walking around in a state of almost constant arousal…

Well guess what? Science says that feeling horny during troublesome times is actually completely normal and healthy…

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What science doesn’t tell us women is what to do with those crazy feelings of lust… of wanting to hop right into bed with everyone you see.

(It’s not just me, right? Because the pizza delivery guy and the mailman are looking super hot to me right now… I swear, all you have to do is show up at my door right now and say “Hey…” and I’m ready to hop in the sack and rip off my panties.”)

Today, I want to talk about why “everyone seems a LOT more horny than usual right now…”

And what you can do to meet hot girls like me, who are going stir crazy and are DTF. All. The. Time…

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You Wake Up with a Boner… And Go to Sleep, Still Hard (Here’s Why)

If recently you’ve been feeling a rush of hormones and you have no idea where it’s coming from, then it’s probably the pandemic.

Who knew a globally spreading virus could be so sexy?

Actually, according to science, we’re all getting hit with a double whammy.

Right now, we are all cooped up in our homes, without the option to go out and date.

This break in our normalcy has our hormones surging.

We’re all going a little stir crazy… and lots of the country has spent the last 2 months filling our days with online chats and texting…

and our late night with masturbation sessions…

(Learn how to turn on almost any woman with this simple touch trick.)

During these strange times, these simple acts of socialization are what our minds and bodies are cravings, as well as any physical touch.

And, as humans, we want what we can’t have. So, this is when the hormones rush in…

But wanting what we can’t have isn’t the only reason we’re all ready to tear the clothes off the food delivery person…

Keep scrolling for the best tips on how to hookup After quarantine

The Psychology Behind Horniness and Tragedy

Scroll down your feed on social media.  

If yours looks anything like mine, it’s filled with memes commenting on this surge of horniness during the pandemic

And yeah, they make us laugh.  But they’re actually based on truth and science. 

A person’s sexual drive is activated by uncertainty

Think about it: How many times have you been totally turned on by fooling around in public?

With a stranger?

With a blindfold? 

SPECIAL: 27 Surefire Signs She’s H*rny And DTF Right Now…

These taboos are laced with uncertainties and that’s what gets the libido revved up. 

So, obviously, if uncertainty gives us orgasmic shivers, this pandemic is a literal breeding ground for sexual thoughts and urges. 

Seriously, the state of the world and our personal lives are flipped upside down, which is like jolt to our groins. 

On top of that, sex can also serve as a distraction from grief and tragedy

Even if we’re not sad about something specific, we are grieving the loss of our “normals.” 

Normal jobs, normal friend activities… normal meeting of new people…

And, what better way to cope than from a little booty-action? 

The rush of happy chemicals, oxytocin, to the brain during sex helps an individual to cope and feel better during times of despair, which is why humans naturally crave physical touch during difficult times.  


Hot, H*rny Girls Are Coming Out of Hiding: Here’s How to Hookup With Them…

Now: What to Do About It…

Now that we fully understand why we feel like ripping someone’s clothes off and getting to business STAT…

it’s time to learn how to deal with these intense urges.

Because, obviously, something has to be done. 

If you are in a part of the country that’s still staying home, it’s time to get a little frisky with some solo play.

It’s not as fun by yourself, but you know what you like and you can always (we hope) get yourself off faster than anyone else can… 

You can also involve others in your solo play…

Some women have been experiencing a new interest in sharing their sexual urges online, because they can’t share them in person.

While it used to feel like dudes were more into sexting and nudes, now women are really ramping up their interest in sending explicit messages and nude pics.

Remember how I talked about how uncertainty can activate your sex drive?  

For some women who have been stuck alone for too long, this is turning into performative sexuality… shooting videos with sex toys or sexting with virtual strangers.

Because it’s been all we can do for a while, it’s become more socially acceptable to get sexy online.

You can definitely take advantage of that with your new chat buddies…

Now women are more likely to be the ones suggesting sending nude pictures these days…


Hot, H*rny Girls Are Coming Out of Hiding: Here’s How to Hookup With Them…

Discover Your New Kink…

This is also a great time to discover new things that you like. 

Experimentation is healthy and natural. 

Porn is a great tool to really get a feel of what you like… There are so many genres, so just start clicking and see what turns you on. 

Remember, uncertainty makes the libido soar, so click on a video you would never usually watch. 

So, although the world is a complete mess right now, take it as a prime opportunity to explore and discover new kinks and desires. 

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Use those hormones to keep your sex life interesting, exciting, and new. 

If you are lucky enough to be cooped-up with your partner, there is room for twice the fun: 

This is an ideal time to try all of the sexual positions, crazy toys, and ideas that you’ve been talking about… or maybe haven’t even thought about. 

We’d be surprised if you and your partner didn’t find a new favorite go-to sex position. 


Hot, H*rny Girls Are Coming Out of Hiding: Here’s How to Hookup With Them…

Take It Online… For Now

For the moment, depending on where you live, you’re still probably not meeting up in person…

But as states and cities are starting to open up, all these hot and horny women are getting ready to leave the house. 

You want to be the first call or text they make.

So be sure you’re saying all the right things… the things that will drive them wild…  

The things that will make them seek out you:

Hookup After Quarantine
Keep reading for the #1 tip on how to hookup after quarantine…

How to Take a Hot, Horny Girl Home With You Tonight…

Like I said, there are waves and waves of hot, lonely, horny girls out there…

Finally being released from their quarantine cages.

And they’re hunting for guys like you. The want to hookup after quarantine too.

Even though these women are (ahem) “highly motivated” to get laid themselves…

And it’s going to be easier to get laid than at any time in your memory…

You’re probably not just going to be able to go up to a girl and ask her, “Hey, wanna bang?”

Though I do have the “next best thing” for you:

These 3 “Turn-On Touches”

Each one needs to be done in a particular way… and in a specific order… but neither is really tough to remember or anything like that…

And once you know them… it’ll become a lot easier to sleep with hot girls the first time you meet them.

That’s because each of these 3 “Turn-On Touches” seems very innocent… like how a friend might touch you…

But the effect? Not “innocent” at all… 😉

Once you use these 3 “Turn-On Touches”… she won’t be able to keep her hands off you…

And that’s the time to break out “Hey, wanna bang?”

Like I said though… these 3 “Turn-On Touches” must be done the right way… and a very specific order to make sure they work…

And you can see a demonstration video showing you the right way… the right order… and Gotham Club’s own “Touch Teacher,” Magic, using them to take home a hot girl within 90 minutes of meeting her right here:

3 “Turn-On Touches” That Make Hot Girls Horny For You FAST (Watch For the Order)

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