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As a man, dating today is harder than ever.

Women’s expectations are skyrocketing…

And meeting a potential girlfriend or “wife material” is so hard it seems like a joke.

The truth is that women today are completely different from women just a few years ago…

But why is this happening?

Over the past decade, I’ve been dating and sleeping with hundreds of women…

You could say I’ve been “doing my research”…

And here’s what I’ve learned:


The Beatles Were Wrong All Along…

If a woman tells you “Can’t buy me love!”…

She’s lying.

Women today are more entitled than ever.

They’re constantly on the hunt for a man who can provide.

They want dates…





And on and on!

Not only do women want these things — they’ve come to expect them. And they’re not ashamed to say it.

But here’s the thing: All of these things have nothing to do with love.

In her mind, though, they’re symbols of love. And that means that if you can’t give them to her, you can kiss your chances goodbye.

So what happened to cause this, and why is it getting worse as time goes on?

There are 3 major issues:


Is She a Gold Digger? Give Her My "11% Test" to Find Out

1) The Media and Social Networks

Social networks and the media send the message that material things = signs of your love.

Everywhere you look, you’re bombarded with signs of what a man does for a woman he loves.

Go on Facebook, and you’ll see pictures of women posting the latest present their man got for them…

Get in your car, and you’ll see billboards advertising everything you’re “supposed” to buy for her…

Obviously, this is all marketing, but that marketing has a direct effect on our dating culture. And as a man, it’s a bad effect for you.

“But I don’t buy into that bulls—!”

Yeah, you might not…

But she does.

Whether she admits it or not, women buy into this propaganda. And deep down, she wants it all.

If the media didn’t force it on you, would you choose to spend 25% of your annual income on an engagement ring?

Probably not.

And yet, she gets to keep the ring you buy whether or not you get married…

And she thinks she deserves it!

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a reality check: 89% of women get a price check on their engagement ring behind their man’s back.

That’s almost 9 out of every 10 women.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…


Is She a Gold Digger? Give Her My "11% Test" to Find Out

2) The Economy

Our country’s current economy is total crap.

Jobs are scarce, and annual salaries are way below what they should be.

The cost of living is through the roof, and people aren’t making enough money to keep up.

In fact, about 85% of Americans are in some kind of debt.

And to throw a cherry on top of that s— sundae, women tend to choose lower-paying careers than men…

So it’s no wonder she searches for the man who can provide the most for her!

And there’s one more major factor in play:


Is She a Gold Digger? Give Her My "11% Test" to Find Out

3) Online Dating

Thanks to online dating, women have more available options than they know what to do with.

All a woman has to do is put up a few sexy pictures of herself…

And she’ll have hundreds of men trying to get her on a date!

It doesn’t matter how hot or ugly she is — this is true for any woman.

And to make matters worse, many of the men trying to date her are offering her free vacations…

Money for companionship…

Expensive dinners…

And so women have come to expect these things. Whether or not they deserve it.

As men, we are living in an age when women’s expectations cannot be met.

No matter what she’s getting now…

She’s always going to want a little more.

What I’m About To Say Might Shock You… But You NEED to Hear It…

Now, I’m going to say something that might piss you off….but I have to say it:

You are to blame for this.

Men buy into this “provider” mentality out of lack. They try and buy her affection, and once they’re successful (which they will be)…

They have to keep providing for her because they set a “baseline.”

So if you start a relationship by providing everything…

You can bet your a– she’ll expect you to keep providing for the rest of your life!

And if you decide to stop paying for everything, she’ll leave you. Fast.

So how the hell do you get around this?

Just give her this “test”:


My “11% Test” to Find Out What Kind of Woman She REALLY Is…

Remember when I mentioned that 89% of women have their engagement rings appraised?

Well, that means there are 11% of women who don’t. This is the kind of woman you want to date. She won’t respond to material things and she values true equality.

And you can find out which kind of woman you’re with from your very first date.

Here’s how:


Is She a Gold Digger? Give Her My "11% Test" to Find Out

Step 1: Test Her Wallet

Let’s say you meet her at a bar. You decide to pick up the first round of drinks…

After you do, casually let her know that she should pick up the second.

Make sure and smile so she knows you aren’t “accusing” her of anything (like being a gold-digger or trying to get free meals).


If you decide to pick up the bill at the end of dinner, and you go back to her place for a drink…

Have her pay for the cab fare or Uber back.

The point here isn’t to count every last dollar and make sure you’re both spending exactly the same on every date.

It’s to make sure that she’s got some “skin in the game”–that she’s “investing” in this potential relationship with you (even if it’s purely a sexual one) like you are.

You have to set a baseline of balance from the very beginning.

If you pay for everything on your first date, she’ll automatically assume you’re going to keep doing it.

But if you make her pay for some things too…

Then she’ll be willing to continue paying part of the way too.

And that’s one good way to figure out if she’s a gold-digger or not…

Though it doesn’t necessarily prove anything… and here’s why:


Is She a Gold Digger? Give Her My "11% Test" to Find Out

Step 2: Test Her Attraction

Even if a girl pays for part of the first date… it’s not proof that she’s into you.

After all, if she pays for an Uber back to her place… she still just got free dinner or drinks and just had to pay for transportation.

So it’s crucial to see if there’s real attraction there… if for no other reason than to know how far you can push things the first night.

If the attraction is strong enough… she’ll happily invite you over to her place… and back upstairs for sex. No pretense. No bullsh*t.

So here’s how to gauge that:

Check out these 3 “FBI Profiler” Body Language Tips

This retired FBI profiler took what he knew about human interactions and body language…

And found the 3 biggest “tells” that a woman was genuinely interested in a guy… and not just playing him, or (in some cases) sleeping with him for intel.

Once you know these… with a single glance, you’ll be able to tell if there’s genuine attraction there… or if the woman is just after your wallet.

Is She a Gold Digger? Give Her My "11% Test" to Find Out

Step 3: Test Her Self-Control In the Face of OUTRAGEOUS Horniness…

If you’ve made her pay for something on the date… and she’s giving you at least one of the FBI Profiler “Wants You” Signs

Then like I said… it’s time to see how far she’ll go on the first date.

Because even if she seems like the biggest goodie-two-shoes who goes to church every Sunday and is saving herself for her husband…

I’ll guarantee that the only thing separating you from having her panties in your teeth at the end of the night is simple:

How Horny You Can Make Her.

For the right guy… even a girl who is studying to become a nun will give up her vow of celibacy if she’s horny enough.

(Trust me… I know (!)).

And by far the easiest way to make a hot girl really horny for you?

Is to touch her like this.

Now be warned: this isn’t “groping” her… or like rubbing her in her genitals or anything like that…

These are just 3 seemingly “innocent” touches that are really under-the-radar… that ramp up her horniness for you really quickly.

And when you do them at the right times… in the right way… and in the right order…

Look out!

She’ll be really excited to pay for the Uber at the end of the night… because it will be taking you two back to somewhere you can bang!

It’s all explained in this short, free video–highly recommend it!

3 Shocking Touches That Make Her SUPER HORNY For YOU…

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