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How to Get Better With Women… Exactly Where to Start and What to Do First

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Before I became a successful dating coach, I was just another hopeless guy reaching blindly in the dark for any woman who would have me.

My journey to where I am now wasn’t easy…

But I made it happen. And I started from the very beginning.

The hardest part of any journey in self-improvement is the first step you take: If you feel overwhelmed by what’s to come, then it’s easy to think:

“Where the hell do I even begin?”

So in today’s Ask Glenn video, I’m answering this question a reader brought to me:

I have almost no experience with women…how do I start getting better today?”

In this video, I discuss how you can start getting better with women right now, plus:

  • The “Foundational Formula”: What you must do BEFORE approaching women to have MAXIMUM success with the opposite sex…
  • The “Steve Jobs Secret” to getting started: Do THIS to get laid lots more (has nothing to do with flashing cash at girls)…
  • Why it’s okay to “fill up on bread” at the start (and bang out some “C-Level” women to get your feet under you)
  • The absolute BEST places to meet women these days for fast, easy sex… and…
  • My “Exposure Technique” that will get more women talking to YOU than you ever thought possible…

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The “Secret Guide” My Mentor Passed Down to Me…

When I was a beginner myself, going through this process of learning about women and practicing talking to them, I really threw myself into it.

I’d go out for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week to approach women — like a f—ing full-time job.

And since I was doing it so often, my mentor couldn’t always be there to help me.

But as my mentor, he wanted to “be there” even if he couldn’t be there in person. So he showed me his “secret guide” of signals women send when they’re interested in you.

It was like having a coach in my mind telling me what to do every step of the way…

And that made talking to women stress-free and actually fun — even when my mentor wasn’t around!

(I think he was actually disappointed to learn I didn’t need him as much after he gave me this, to be honest.)

I can’t always be there to help you, so in the spirit of giving (and getting women), I’m sharing his “secret guide” with you today, right here:

My Mentor’s “Secret Guide” to the 5 Hidden Signs She’s Interested in YOU…

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