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Keep scrolling for some steamy stay at home date ideas…

Stay at Home Date Ideas That Will Have Her Tearing Off Your Clothes…

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Another night on the couch, watching Netflix and eating room temp pizza just might kill my sex life…

I know bars and restaurants are starting to open, but clubs and movie theaters, concerts and sporting events are still mostly closed.  So a lot of us have given up on real “date nights.”

But here’s why we shouldn’t…

88% of date nights end in sex.

And the key thing is: date night doesn’t have to mean going out… but when you plan something special, it feels more like a date and is more likely to end in hot sex…

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A girlfriend told me about this guy she was sexting with said he had something special planned… 

She had no expectations… but when she saw the date night he had set up, she left her panties in his living room and dragged him to the bedroom before they even had their “date” lol… (I’ll tell you about exactly what he did below…)

Or, one time, my cousin’s put the kids to bed, blindfolded her, and led her to the living room, where he had a surprise waiting…

It impressed her so much, she thanked him with a BJ before they took advantage of his setup… (it’s #4 on the list, if you’re looking for your own “thank you” action).

So, if you’re looking for some panty soaking date night ideas that will keep your wallet closed (but have her legs spread wide)…read on:

Going out is fun, of course.  But even if everything in the world were open, there are serious advantages to keeping your date night at home. 

For one thing, your wallet.  The average American spends over $120,000 on dates in their lives.  Who wouldn’t like to throw an inexpensive evening in the mix?

Especially one that’s even more likely to end in hot sex?  ?

Also, you want to end the night back at your place anyway, so why not just start the night there?

The at-home environment is the perfect place to get a little flirty without getting nervous about who’s watching or who can hear what you’re saying in a public place… 

Without the pressure of going out, it’s easier to unwind, relax, and just be yourself without all the outside pressure of society. 

This isn’t just great for the super shy guy — it’s perfect for everyone to get out of their own head and show who they truly are. 

Here are 5 at-home date nights that will DEFINITELY get you laid…

Keep reading for stay at home date ideas that will turn almost any woman on fast…

1) Getting Hot With Salsa…

It’s like taking her out, without taking her out… and the creativity will drive her wild.

There are online Salsa Dancing classes you can take, or You Tube Videos you can watch and learn alongside (for free).

The benefits are many, and obvious…

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You have to stand close and touch each other, you work up a sweat together…

It’s barely one step removed from sex…

Plus, you’re laughing and being open to looking slightly silly together, doing something neither of you are experts at.  That’s a bonding experience that skips you (emotionally) forward about 4 dates.

Have some Tapas takeout to keep the theme going… or you can laughingly serve her chips and salsa.

Save some of that salsa for huevos rancheros for the breakfast you’ll be making her in the morning…

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2) Sexy Board Games

What, you don’t think Monopoly is sexy?

I know, board games are not normally considered the sexiest. But, they can be when you add some high stakes to them. 

Adding stakes will amp up the competition and definitely encourage some flirty banter between you and your date. 

To successfully have a sexy at-home board game date, you need to have a few different game options. These games can be touchy-feely like Twister or more hands-off like Clue or Monopoly. 

Just because Clue and Monopoly don’t seem like the steamiest choices, trust me, they can lead to touching… you just have to set up some sexy custom rules for the games. 

For example, if you are playing Chutes & Ladders, you could establish a rule that says whenever someone lands on a chute, they have to take off an article of clothing. 

If you’re playing Monopoly, every time you pass Go, you have to stroke a different body part…

The benefit of creating these rules together is that you know your date will be comfortable with the stakes of the game and will be ready for a good time with you.

One note: if this is your first date, don’t pitch it as “sexy game night.”  Just ask her over for board games and wine, so you can get to know each other better and talk… the sexy part will follow…

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3) Finger Painting Fun

Finger Painting is not just for kindergartners. 

Actually, it’s a great excuse to get a little touchy-feely with your partner and create a lot of sexual tension throughout the night. Plus, she will love getting to see your creative side. 

To pull this one off, you do need to get paint (or make paint) that is non-toxic, and won’t stain.

From here, you can either paint something simple, like creating a picture on paper together, or do something more creative…

This is what my friend’s sext buddy did:

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He handed her a white t-shirt to change into, and he already had one on.  They finger-painted on each other’s shirts.  She said as soon as his fingers started to draw on her breasts, that shirt came right off…

They never finished painting the shirts…

You can also do some body painting, with edible foods (think chocolate syrup or crushed raspberries…). 

Both regular paints and food paints will probably lead to a second marathon sex session in the shower…

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4) Indoor Picnic

Another amazing at-home date idea is the classic indoor picnic. 

Some things are classic for a reason… everyone loves a good picnic with wine and cheese and just because it’s not outdoors, doesn’t mean that it can’t be romantic. 

An on-the-floor picnic is a perfect opportunity to wine and dine your date, which pretty much always leads to getting laid. 

HOWEVER.  Pizza served on a old sheet thrown on the floor will not cut it.

This date idea is all about ambiance, so make sure you create an environment full of candles, comfy blankets, and the best picnic goodies. 

This is what my cousin’s husband did…  he took their Christmas lights out and strung them on the ceiling, hanging a paper moon in the middle.  A picnic with her favorite foods was in the middle of the room. She said she unzipped his pants before he uncorked the wine…

This is a relaxing date, but also a very sexy one. 

Candles, pillows (they’re great for trying some new sex positions, too) and sexy foods are a great place to start.  

By sexy foods, I not only mean the ones that act as aphrodisiacs, like chili peppers, avocado and oysters, but also ones that are sexy to eat… 

Like whipped cream, chocolate sauce or honey… things that can be spread on (and licked off) each other’s bodies…

Don’t miss out on one of the best stay at home date ideas below…

5) The “Force Field” Game That Makes Her Rip Your Clothes Off…

This tip is something you’d do once she’s at your place…

And the end result is usually the two of you going at it like rabbits all night long.

Here’s how it works:

Early in the date, you’ll subtly touch her in these very “innocent” parts of her body. These are all very under the radar and non-creepy touches so nothing that will make either of you feel weird or uncomfortable.

Every time you use one of these touches… you’ll probably notice she smiles a little bit more… might bite her lip… or even touches you back.  ?

Here’s how you ramp things up:

Ask her if she wants to play a game.

It’s called the “Force Field Game”–you might’ve seen it in that old Bill Murray movie, Stripes.

Here’s how it works:

You guys take turns getting as close to each other as possible without touching each other. Like there’s a force field between the two of you.

So you move your hand over her shoulder… without touching her.

Move your hand to the small of her back… and stop just short of touching her there too.

Go in for a kiss… and stop right before your lips lock.

The beauty of this is that if you’ve done these touches properly to this point… she’ll be so horny for you and so wet…

…that she’ll probably be the one to say “screw it,” break the force field, and start ripping your clothes off.

It’s perfect because the subtle touches make her really horny for you…

And then the game creates the perfect amount of sexual tension to where she’ll really want you…

Where it’ll lead to much hotter sex, even if it’s only the first or second time you’re meeting up.

I can’t say this enough though:

These “Turn Her On Touches” Are the Key to Everything

They make the whole system work… and if you skip one… Or try to wing it…

You’ll either end up with blue balls or even worse, a slap in the face.

So I highly suggest you watch this step-by-step video that shows you exactly how and when to do each “Turn Her On Touch”:

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