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You use your Mac all day, every day, for all sorts of tasks. Over time, it starts to slow down with preference files, apps you no longer use, and other config files littered across your system. You can use CleanMyMac X to declutter your Mac and keep it in tip-top shape.

You can even reclaim gigabytes space on your hard drive with CleanMyMac X to make room for a macOS Ventura beta partition. Declutter your Mac with CleanMyMacX today. Get a special 5% off for WWDC at

CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one utility belt to remove junk from your Mac, and get it running as fast as it was when it was brand new.

CleanMyMacX includes 49 different tools to find, identify and delete invisible files, outdated cache files, old downloads, log files and more. Get rid of the junk to save space and improve system performance.

You can find wasted storage space that you never even knew you had, like deleting old email, and downloads that you long forgot about. CleanMyMac X streamlines the computer spring clean down to a single button press. Just one button and you can delete junk and possibly get back gigabytes of space on your Mac.

CleanMyMac X uses an intelligent safety database that knows what is junk, and what is important system data. This means it never deletes things it shouldn’t, and it never deletes anything without your permission. Declutter your Mac with peace of mind.

When you want to uninstall an app from your Mac, don’t just drag it to the Trash. Use the CleanMyMac Uninstaller instead. CleanMyMac will fully remove all traces of the application from your machine, including preference files and library caches.

CleanMyMac X also serves as a really useful disk viewer, visualizing what exactly is taking up space on your machine. This is a great way to find large hidden files and folders that you no longer need.

CleanMyMac can also help you improve your privacy by automatically deleting your browser history, and continuously perform system scans for malware and viruses.

CleanMyMac X is notarized by Apple and is also available in the Mac App Store, so you know it is has been checked for security by Apple and is safe to use.

The app has also received multiple accolades for its beautiful and simple design. In 2021, CleanMyMac was honored with the Red Dot Award, UX Design Award, and is a Webby Award nominee this year.

For the best way to declutter your Mac, get CleanMyMac X today with 5% off at This discount is only valid for the next two weeks, so go now to and buy CleanMyMac X today to get ready for the beta.

One more thing:

Despite the ongoing war in MacPaw’s home country, Ukraine, the team has been prepared for these circumstances. There are no disruptions in the support and development of CleanMyMac X. The product is stable, safe and secure. Stay tuned for new updates from the CleanMyMac team.

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