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The world is so much smaller these days due to the internet and all its opportunities for businesses and organizations. The downside of this is that some hackers and cybercriminals relentlessly attack businesses and organizations to steal their data leading to total havoc. In turn, no one is truly safe anymore until someone steps up and helps these businesses and organizations create a safe platform and prevent these actions from taking place. This article covers one of the greatest leaders in preventing cyber crimes and notorious hackers who are on a path to destroy the business world as we know it. The more business owners learn from this man, the safer their operations will be.

Deepak Gupta is a cybersecurity expert, creating a valuable niche on today’s internet. He started the company LoginRadius as a SaaS platform to help others understand cybersecurity and apply this knowledge to improve their security systems.

LoginRadius provides CIAM answers for leading security to any office or firm. Its exceptional services are helping people around the world.

Gupta has brought his well-known experience to LoginRadius for Customer Security and Access Management (CIAM).  Gupta and LoginRadius have been helping businesses and firms protect their mainframe and other security devices from all forms of data breaches.

He has spent over 15 years in the field of cybersecurity and sharing this knowledge with others. Gupta has been invited on many forums to discuss and share the latest information and insight regarding cybersecurity, IT, and AI.

He has provided valuable information through his lectures to help people understand the basic structure of SaaS architecture, cybersecurity, and other important technical information without using complicated terms that would be well beyond most people’s understanding.

Deepak Gupta believes cybersecurity is of the utmost importance for any business to protect its data privacy settings and thereby blocking data theft.  So many businesses are now online, making data safety critical for e-commerce stores,  retail firms, and all other companies conducting business online.

Understand, when a business has high levels of data security and is properly protected, it makes it much harder for hackers to get valuable information or create data breaches. We are now living in the digital age and cybercrimes are increasing every day. Hackers spend their entire time planning to steal your data and other critical information. It’s extremely important to ensure your site is safe and foolproof to stop these criminals and hackers.

CIAM and LoginRadius should be first and foremost in your arsenal for protecting your site. Using his expertise and professional skills, Gupta can block attempts by hackers to harm your online site and keep them away by using the latest state-of-art technology along with the power of artificial intelligence.

Deepak Gupta is also an accomplished writer covering many topics and scientific issues regarding cybersecurity, internet safety, and data breaches in simple terms the reader can understand. He has written his books and articles for many prestigious publications worldwide.

His success as a writer comes from his brilliant knowledge of writing books and articles regarding computers and cybersecurity in layman’s language for all to fully understand. He explains many difficult technical terms that everyone can grasp and easily digest.  His readers can be found worldwide.

Gupta’s latest book “The Power of Digital Identity” will be released within the next few months. He focuses on different aspects of digital identity that we all experience online and how we can protect ourselves.

His articles have been published in many prestigious publications including FastCompany, DevOps.com, and Forbes  (the American business magazine).

Deepak Gupta’s success as a productive cybersecurity expert and entrepreneur has been featured in Tech Story, Security Magazine, and The Digital Yug.

He has participated in several international tech forums over the past few years as well as being invited as a keynote speaker to deliver his lectures on cybersecurity topics. He was also invited to Identity North and Microsoft’s India VC Summit.

Deepak Gupta has established himself as an expert on cybersecurity issues while his popularity has grown in leaps and bounds. He will continue to stand up for using the internet safely and incorporating data security on all sites to protect and secure the data privacy of people and companies who work online.

You can find Deepak Gupta on his website.

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