Dark Mode is a popular feature of Google’s Android 10 release. Now, after a number of Google apps has received it, Google Translate gets the dark mode paint job.

Dark mode comes to Google Translate 6.5, now rolling out to Android users

Dark Mode is now available for Google Translate version 6.5, a version that we still don’t have. The new update has been reported by an Android user in Poland, according to tech site 9to5Google. Most Android users likely aren’t seeing the update yet. A quick look at Translate in the Google Play Store shows that the app doesn’t have an update beyond version 6.4 from December 19, 2019.

The new Dark Mode in Google Translate appears to be a bit off with a different shade of gray and some text colors changed, so perhaps the update is a developer preview of sorts. Google Assistant’s Dark Mode is seeing some issues as well because of its integration with Android Messages.

When Android Messages has Dark Mode enabled, Google Assistant cards turn gray while the remainder of the screen remains white. Between now and a massive Android user rollout, Google could very well fix some of the issues with the new Translate update.

Google is rolling out Dark Mode to Google Translate for iOS 13 users as well, though some say it is preferable to the Android app design. Check out Translate’s new Dark Mode below.

Why bring Dark Mode to Google Translate?

Android 10, formerly Android Q, introduced a systemwide Dark Mode to Android for the first time. Even before rolling out the major system update, Google had already started introducing certain apps to Dark Mode. With the Android 10 release, Google is rolling out Dark Mode to its apps.

Google Voice got its Dark Mode makeover in October. Dark Mode for GMail arrived in September, two weeks before the Play Store got the Dark Mode makeover.

The search engine giant’s web browser, Chrome, now has it. YouTube, Google’s video app, has Dark Mode as a switch on/off option. Other apps with Dark Mode include Google Contacts, Drive, and Keep.

Google said at the end of 2018 that it wants developers to use Dark Mode to save battery life. After years of using white themes in Material Design, Google finally admitted that Dark Mode is the superior battery-saving theme for web pages and apps.

Dark Mode saves on battery and eyes

Some may think of the Dark Mode as nothing more than a change for the sake of change, but there are benefits to the new Dark Mode. Sure, it’s common knowledge that Dark Mode saves on battery life, but what few may consider is that it helps eyesight as well.

A number of Android OEMs use a blue light filter, which they say helps user eyes relax and go to sleep at night. Blue light keeps the eyes awake longer and throws off sleep patterns. With a dark mode, the impact of blue light is significantly minimal.

Those who employ the Dark Mode within Android apps need not worry about the impact of blue light. Not only does Dark Mode save on battery life, but it also reduces eye strain, too.

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