Browsing the internet late at night isn’t exactly a fun experience when you’ve got websites flashing white backgrounds and gnashing their teeth at you. If Safari is your go-to browser on the Mac, then I’m sure that is a problem. It’s natural to want the Dark Mode everywhere in Safari when you are browsing.

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So, you have Night Shift. But sometimes, there’s nothing like dark mode to lessen the strain on your eyes. However, enabling dark mode in Safari is easier said than done. The browser does sport the ability to switch to a dark theme. But that doesn’t really have an impact on the majority of websites out there.

If you want dark mode everywhere, then let’s check out what you must do below. Let’s start with how to enable the dark theme in Safari.

Note: The following instructions apply to Safari v13.0 running on macOS Catalina.

Enable Dark Mode for Websites in Safari

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways that you can easily use to get websites — the ones that don’t sport a native dark theme — to render in dark mode. The first method involves using Reader View. The second method requires you to use an extension.

1. Use Reader View

Reader View is a built-in Safari functionality that strips ads and other unwanted elements from webpages and presents them in an easily readable format. It also lets you change the default white background color to black. Couple that with Safari’s dark theme, and you’ve got full-fledged dark mode functionality in your hands.

But there’s a catch — Reader View can’t be enabled everywhere. Usually, it’s limited to blog posts and articles, such as the one that you are reading right now. Regardless, let’s check it out in action.

Step 1: Click the Reader View icon to the left-corner of the Safari address bar. Keep in mind that this icon will only show up on Reader View-supported web pages.

Get Dark Mode Eveywhere Safari Mac 5

Step 2: Click the aA icon to the right corner of the Safari address bar, and then switch to the darkest background color. You only have to do that once since Safari remembers your preferences automatically.

Get Dark Mode Eveywhere Safari Mac 6

And voila! That should render the page in complete dark mode. Perfect.

Get Dark Mode Eveywhere Safari Mac 7

By default, you must enable Reader View manually each time you visit a webpage. If that gets tedious, you can set it to kick in automatically on supported webpages. Here’s how to do that.

Step 1: Click Safari on the menu bar, and then click Preferences.

Get Dark Mode Eveywhere Safari Mac 8

Step 2: Switch to the Websites tab, and then click Reader on the left pane.

To enable automatic Reader View for websites that are open in Safari, click the menu next to each listed website underneath the Currently Open Websites section, and select On.

To enable other websites to always switch to Reader View, click the menu next to When Visiting Other Websites, and then select On.

Get Dark Mode Eveywhere Safari Mac 9

Exit the Preferences window. Safari will automatically switch to Reader View whenever you visit a page that supports the functionality.

2. Use Safari Extension

Dark mode with Reader View works well, but it doesn’t function on all websites and webpages. It is apt if you read a lot at night, but not ideal for web browsing in general.

If you want dark mode just about everywhere, you must resort to using a Safari extension. However, almost every dark mode extension that I ran into on the Mac App Store required a fee. Sadly, this included the fantastic Dark Reader extension, which is available free of charge for Chrome and Firefox.

But eventually, I did come across an extension that didn’t ask me to pay upfront — Night Eye. Here’s how to install and enable it.

Step 1: Install Night Eye via the Mac App Store.

Step 2: Open Safari Preferences.

Get Dark Mode Eveywhere Safari Mac 10

Step 3: Click the Extensions tab, and then check the box next to Night Eye.

Get Dark Mode Eveywhere Safari Mac 11

And that’s it. Every website, except very few such as Google Docs, that you come across should now render in dark mode.

The extension works quite well, and even sports the ability to work alongside the system color scheme, controls to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation, etc. To access these options, click the Night Eye icon to the left of the address bar.

Get Dark Mode Eveywhere Safari Mac 12

However, Night Eye isn’t totally free. You need to pay to keep using some of the advanced features in the extension after three months. The supposed ‘Lite’ version that it switches to afterward limits you to using dark mode for up to five websites.

If you like the extension, you can buy it. But I don’t recommend doing that. Its price is quite steep at $8.99 for a one-year subscription or $39.99 for a one-off license. Instead, Dark Reader for Safari only requires a one-time fee of $4.99. There are also multiple other dark extensions — such as Dark Mode for Safari — that you can find on the Mac App Store for just $1.99.

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