• Linkedin report data shows that Blockchain is the most demanded skill in 2020.
  • Blockchain has now become the most popular and in-demand skill in the world as a whole, not necessarily dealing with cryptos.
  • It has also found other uses in technological advancements such as Fast Computing, AI, and especially cybersecurity.

Blockchain is the very technology that grew parallel with the popularity of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, at its initial state, was only known to the computer and technical geeks, although it widely used in darknet and deep web. Little known about the technology behind cryptocurrency and its continued support, which has prompted its growth till now.

Yes, Blockchain is the tech that has been holding the crypto world together. Blockchain has now become the most popular and in-demand skill in the world as a whole, not necessarily dealing with cryptos.

It has also found other uses in technological advancements such as Fast Computing, AI, and especially cybersecurity. With countries now going all technological and development concerning using digital technology over the traditional ones, it’s no wonder why Blockchain is so much in demand right now.

Growing Demand for Blockchain

Blockchain first introduced in the year 1991 by two university professors, who thought about a solution for tamper-free storage of data. However, this wasn’t realized or brought in to picture until when Bitcoin came into the light, the real power of Blockchain then discovered.

Now it has found its uses in most of the applications, including business sectors. The power of Blockchain in the business sector is that it makes the storage of data and transaction of every detail possible with blockchain technology; it also tracks shipments and is cost-effective and transparent.

However, not every business owner how to deal with Blockchain or know how to work and implement it; neither do they have the time to devote learning the Blockchain basics.

This is the main reason why there is a spiral of demand for Blockchain jobs, and business owners are hiring a ton of Blockchain skilled people to implement cost-effective and very efficient methods into their business.

The top sectors recruiting Blockchain professionals are Information technology sectors, financial organizations, government bodies, computer coding and software development, Healthcare, and health institutions.

But the catch is Blockchain uses a high amount of energy. The entire network Of Bitcoin uses as much energy as the country of Switzerland alone.

Countries with the highest demand for Blockchain. (Top 5)

Here we have compiled a list of top job offering countries based on Blockchain expertise.

1. India

According to the recent report by LinkedIn, India tops the position for the demand of Blockchain professionals. Many called in multiple metropolitan states. India holds the sixth rank in Blockchain-based patents.

With the ever-growing population with love for digital technology, the development of the services supporting them is also in the increase, and this is the main reason for the demand of Blockchain.

2. Malta

This is not just an Island anymore; it is called the Blockchain Island, home of the Binance holdings, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Malta has an ever-growing list of Blockchain developments and ICO’s. After Binance, other exchange platforms such as OKEx and Bitpay have al moved to this Island. These companies are seeking highly skilled front developers in Blockchain technology.

3. Estonia

Estonia is no stranger to the adoption of Blockchain technology; it came into the picture when it introduced the concept of e-residency using Blockchain technology.

It has not only implemented Blockchain technology in finance but in Health care, residential sectors, transport department, and e-governance. The country has installed multiple Bitcoin ATMs backed by Blockchain technology.

Every immigrant with immense knowledge in Blockchain will easily find oneself placed in top developmental programs.

4. Switzerland

Switzerland is home to the adoption of blockchain technology. It is named the crypto-friendly country, and it has well balanced economic proceedings and high in data security advancements.

The government has realized the potential of Blockchain and is offering complete support to start-ups and exercises; the citizens of Switzerland already have high knowledge of Blockchain.

5. United Arab Emirates

Home to the digital advancements, UAE is welcoming ton of tech geeks, especially the ones with high expertise in Blockchain. The government of Dubai is all set to create paperless Digital Enterprise entirely backed by Blockchain and is currently progressing with the project.

It expected to save them $3 Billon USD annually with the related losses. This is the perfect example of why Blockchain is cost-effective.

With the high demand as such, many universities have implemented the first course on Blockchain as the demand for skilled workers on Blockchain is in continuous growth.

This demand expected to cross over the need for Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and User Experience (UX) within 2020.

The prospects on Blockchain is huge with top companies such as JP Morgan Chase, IBM, Oracle, Amazon are all creating a spiral of demand on Blockchain technicians. Blockchain it is.

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