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The Third Web Series is Creator’s “Love Letter to Palm Springs”

If you think couplehood has its challenges, imagine the fate awaiting a triad. Or the love?

That’s the emotional coin toss that filmmaker and Palm Springs resident Matt Lynn hopes to convey in The Third, the bold new web series filmed in Palm Springs that has as much sex appeal as it does depth. Lynn seems to posit: Can an intimate three-person relationship offer deeper insight into one’s personal boundaries, and the ability and willingness to broaden one’s love for others?

Well, in fiction it plays out nicely, but look around. It’s nearly 2020. Chances are we may all know of people or have friends of friends who are in triads. Do they offer clues to even better inter-relational skills?

The Third is a show about surrogate families and the unexpected but deeply meaningful connections we make that enrich our lives,” Lynn explains. “Today, many people live in ‘non-traditional’ relationships. Deep down, we are all looking for somewhere to belong. My primary goal with this show is to bring these surrogate families to light.”

The Lowdown on the Series: Jason (Sean McBride) is a plucky 29-year-old gay man with an infectious smile and, to some extent, a deep longing and curiosity that befits rescuing. When Jason suddenly finds himself in a “triad” relationship with Carl and David (Corey Page and Ryland Shelton), life shifts dramatically. The established gay Palm Springs couple has decided one of the cures to their five-year marriage woes is having Jason move in. They each rise to the occasion — as it were — but this passionate three-way suddenly becomes riddled with skepticism, jealously, and secrets.

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