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Defamation allegations: Mehwish Hayat summoned by Deputy Director Cybercrime Court | #cybercrime | #infosec

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The legal saga surrounding a defamation case involving renowned actresses Mehwish Hayat and Kubra Khan takes a new twist as the Sindh High Court steps in, summoning the Deputy Director of Cybercrime and demanding an investigative report. The court’s order was precipitated by the actresses’ joint petition against Adil Farooq Raja, who stands accused of perpetuating a baseless campaign on social media.

Evidentiary Hearing:

A recent session convened in the High Court to address the plea lodged by Mehwish Hayat and Kubra Khan against Adil Farooq Raja’s alleged smear campaign on social media. The investigation officer informed the court that all links maligning Mehwish Hayat and Rabia Iqbal, also known as Kubra Khan, have been effectively blocked. Intriguingly, the Twitter administration remains yet to respond to this unfolding situation.

Justice Demands Swifter Action:

Expressing palpable dissatisfaction over the perceived sluggish progress of the investigation, the court issued a summons for the Deputy Director of FIA Cybercrime to appear at the forthcoming hearing. Additionally, the court mandated the investigative officer to furnish a comprehensive progress report. The hearing on these petitions has been adjourned until September 7, prolonging the suspense surrounding the unfolding legal drama.

Unveiling the Petition:

The joint petition filed by Mehwish Hayat and Kubra Khan delineates a distressing narrative. It contends that Youtuber Adil Farooq Raja orchestrated a disparaging campaign, tarnishing the reputations of four prominent actresses in the media industry through unfounded allegations. This onslaught of falsehoods not only dealt a blow to their honor and dignity but also left an indelible stain on their standing.

Unraveling Redemption:

In an intriguing twist, Adil Farooq Raja later posted a follow-up video, ostensibly retracting and explaining his earlier stance. However, the belated clarification did little to undo the reputational damage inflicted upon the actresses, including the petitioners. The plea further highlights that despite seeking intervention from the FIA and PTA to expunge the defamatory content, no substantial action has been undertaken against YouTube thus far.

As the legal proceedings continued to unravel, the high-stakes confrontation between the actresses and the alleged defamer showcases the evolving dynamics of defamation in the digital age. The court’s involvement and the summons of the Deputy Director of Cybercrime only amplify the significance of this case, underscoring the growing influence of social media on reputation and the complex legal battles that ensue.

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