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Delaware schools implementing new safety maps | #schoolsaftey

New naloxone auto-injectors coming to Delaware high schools

DELAWARE– Schools across the first state are now more prepared to handle emergencies as school safety maps are now complete.

Douglas Scheer with the Comprehensive School Safety Program said this new initiative will help protect 237 public and private schools across Delaware.

“We’re the first state in the nation to have this done,” Scheer said. “There are other states in the process of doing it, but they are not where we are, so we’re excited to be the first state all around.”

Joey Melvin, the Director for the Center for Safe Schools said the mapping technology sets itself apart from other safety measures.

“There’s a lot of technology that exists today that is branded and marketed as a way to enhance school safety,” Melvin said. “While many of these options can do it, it takes facilitation and implementation for them to work.”

While the technology behind these maps is a crucial part, Melvin says it’s the boots on the ground that keep schools safe.

“There’s still that major human element, so my hope with this is as these new mapping tools come out, they become practice,” Melvin said.

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