Delete these 2-fake messaging apps tied to China-aligned hacking group before your personal information is stolen | Technology | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

This past week, Google removed two apps from the Android Play Store, saying they are malicious apps capable of stealing your data.

The two apps in question are called Signal Plus Messenger and FlyGram.

Signal Plus Messenger was active on the Play Store for over nine months before Google took it down. FlyGram was created by the same group and was removed back in 2021. However, both apps rare still available on the Samsung app store and third-party websites.

Users downloaded the apps thinking they were legit messaging apps Signal and Telegram. Google recommends deleting these two apps immediately.

If you installed any of the two fake messaging apps, you may need to consider changing devices or at least wiping your current device and remove any unknown devices from your Signal and Telegram accounts.

According to a report by Arstechnica, both apps were built on open-source code available from Signal and Telegram, but they included an espionage tool tracked as BadBazaar, which has been linked to a China-aligned hacking group tracked as GREF.

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