Delhi police install cameras on patrol car doors to help in hunt for stolen vehicles

While Delhi Police have launched a slew of mobile apps for reporting crime, its South district branch has set up a new app to track stolen vehicles parked on streets.

A special camera is installed at PCR vans which will register the number plates of vehicles parked on the streets.

The camera is equipped with special software which will further match the data captured with the data of stolen vehicles.

Though the project is launched on trial basis, soon the entire unit of Delhi Police will start using the app.

According to South district police officials, this technology will improve the cops’ efficiency to trace stolen vehicles.

Prem Nath, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South District, told Mail Today that ‘Vehiscan’ is on trial run and things will be finalised after some time.

“We have used this technology in various areas of Saket and Mehrauli where it performed effectively. Currently we are using it for stolen vehicles but soon it will be used to trace vehicles involved in other crimes as well,” he added.

“Recently, we have started using this technology and successfully found five expensive cars stolen from various parts of Delhi,” a senior police official said.

Explaining the technology, Prem Nath said that cameras are installed on the left side doors of police vehicles.

They will patrol different areas so that maximum vehicles’ registration numbers are captured.

Delhi Police is expected to introduce this technology for other street crimes as well.

“Camera can be installed on pillars or any location permanently so that it can scan vehicles moving on that particular road,” a senior police official said.

According to the police, this technology will be very fruitful as cops just have to patrol the area and rest of the job will be done by the technology.

“This technology can help cops in solving heinous crimes like rape, murder etc also as we can easily trace the route which accused has/have take after committing crime,” official added.

Recently, Delhi Police Commissioner BS Bassi raised the concerns over the rise in vehicle thefts in the Capital.

At a meeting, Bassi told his officers that the registration of FIRs in car theft cases is just not enough. It is the police’s job to trace them.

According to Delhi Police, there is a rise of almost 35 per cent in motor vehicle thefts.


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