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  • Deliver Us from Evil’s ending sees Sergeant Sarchie and Priest Mendoza team up to perform an exorcism on Santino, successfully freeing him from demonic possession.
  • The Jungler demon, invented for the movie, is an ancient and cruel entity that writes inscriptions to allow demonic forces to possess others.
  • Butler, Sarchie’s partner, dies after being stabbed by Santino during a brutal fight. Sarchie successfully saves his wife and daughter from Santino’s kidnapping.

Deliver Us from Evil’s ending sees Eric Bana’s sergeant Sarchie face off against both inner and outer demons, but does he defeat both? Based on a book by former NYPD sergeant turned demonologist Ralph Sarchie, the movie’s story finds Sarchie and his partner Butler (Joel McHale) as they investigate a strange series of crimes around the Bronx. These cases lead back to three former marines who have seemingly become possessed after encountering an ancient inspiration in Iraq. Lapsed Catholic Sarchie is reluctant to believe there are demonic influences involved in the case, despite the compelling arguments being made by Édgar Ramírez’s impossibly handsome Jesuit priest Mendoza.

After a few deaths and no longer able to deny the mounting evidence, Sarchie decides to renew his faith and work with Mendoza. They realize Santino (Sean Harris) has been painting the aforementioned inscription he and his men saw around the city, which is something of a doorway to the demon world. In Deliver Us from Evil’s finale, the two men team up to perform an exorcism on Santino in a police station, with the demon taunting them over their past regrets and failures. After a lengthy battle, the story ends with the baptism of Sarchie’s second child, and the reveal he quit the force to team up with Mendoza.

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Does Santino’s Exorcism Succeed?

Santino is a shadowy threat throughout most of the movie, though Harris’ presence alone makes the character extremely unsettling. Unfortunately, Deliver Us from Evil gives little sense of who Santino was before his possession, though he at least gets some kind of happy ending. Prior to his exorcism, Santino kidnaps Sarchie’s wife Jen (Olivia Munn) and daughter Christina (Lulu Wilson), and later allows himself to be arrested by the furious sergeant. Santino’s exorcism is treated as a last resort by Mendoza, though in the race to find where his wife and child are, Sarchie quickly agrees.

The two work hand in hand, and while the demon inside Santino tries any number of tricks, they succeed in freeing the marine. Understandably, Santino is shocked and terrified to find himself strapped to a chair inside a trashed interrogation room and being yelled at by a cop and a priest, but he still gives up the information they need. Sadly, the movie papers over what happens to Santino beyond this scene, but he’d no doubt be looking at some prison time for the various crimes he committed while possessed.

Deliver Us From Evil’s Jungler Demon Explained

Sean Harris in Deliver Us From Evil

Sarchie is shown to possess a talent his partner Butler describes as the “radar,” which is kind of a sixth sense about cases that involve the occult. Naturally, this “Spidey Sense” of his starts tingling heavily during the Santino case, and it’s a side of himself that Mendoza helps draw out further. In the finale, Sarchie and Mendoza need to learn the demon’s name to free Santino of it, and the former’s extrasensory abilities allow him to hear its real name as the Jungler.

The Jungler demon appears to have been invented for the movie, where it is depicted as an ancient and cruel entity. It writes the inscription around the city so demonic forces can possess others, such as convincing a mother to throw her child into a lion enclosure. The Jungler also gives Santino superhuman strength and agility, which includes easily breaking free of restraints.

Who Is Marvin & Why Did Sarchie Kill Him?

Deliver Us From Evil Eric Bana as Ralph Sarchie

During his skeptical phase, Sarchie visits Jane Crenna (Olivia Horton), the mother who threw her child to the lions (though thankfully, the boy survived). Jane became possessed after viewing an inscription written by Santino, but after Sarchie interrogates her about what happened, she bites him on the arm. In the aftermath, she says “Marvin,” which shocks the sergeant. It’s only later that he admits to Mendoza that Mervin (Oliver Wadsworth) was a child predator the NYPD chased down years before.

After recovering the body of a young girl, Sarchie caught sight of Marvin in the crowd and chased him down. Overcome with rage, Sarchie starts beating the killer, but despite pleas to stop, he eventually beats him to death. Even knowing Marvin was a vile killer, Sarchie still feels immense guilt, and that since it happened he’s felt a kind of evil growing inside himself “like a cancer.” This is partly why he keeps his job and inner rage a secret from his family.

How Joel McHale’s Butler Dies

Joel McHale standing with arms akimbo in Deliver Us From Evil

One of the bigger surprises of Deliver Us from Evil is that it allows a surprisingly buff Joel McHale to get some action-hero moments. His character Butler is also fond of knives, and when he and Sarchie discover Santino’s address, they raid his apartment. This results in a chase around the building where the partners get separated, and Butler and Santino face off in a brutal fight. The latter gets the upper hand, however, and stabs Butler in the chest, and by the time Sarchie finds him, he’s already bled out.

Does Sarchie Save Jen & Christina?

Olivia Munn looking sideways in Deliver Us From Evil

A big subplot in the film involves Sarchie missing out on family time due to his work obsession. He’s also distant from them during the brief periods he is at home, but naturally, their kidnapping snaps his priorities into place. This is what convinces the sergeant that performing an exorcism on Santino is the best course, and once the marine is freed of demonic influence, he gives up their location. The slow-motion rescue sequence sees Sarchie discover Jen and Christina locked in Santino’s painting van in a warehouse, and the family is together in the final scene as Sarchie and Jen’s second child is baptized by Mendoza.

How Much Of Deliver Us From Evil Is Actually True?

Deliver Us From Evil Edgar Ramirez as Father Mendoza

Many horror movies claim to be “based on the terrifying true story,” such as The Amityville Horror or The Conjuring movies. Of course, the true story” label is often used in the loosest terms possible. Deliver Us from Evil is based on the book Beware the Night written by the real Sarchie, but by his own admission (via YouTube) the movie is almost entirelyely fiction. It pulls from certain cases in the book, but the story is fictional, the character of Mendoza is a composite of two different priests, while the real Sarchie – as he’s quick to point out – never beat anyone to death.

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