Dells woman accused of faking health care credentials

A Wisconsin Dells woman has been charged with identity theft and obstructing police for impersonating a registered nurse for three months at Reedsburg Area Medical Center.

Jennifer Lynn Browne, 40, obtained a nursing license number of a Milwaukee nurse with a similar name, Jennifer Brown, online, according to the criminal complaint. She used the credentials the get a job as a nurse in May 2016.

Bob Van Meeteren, RAMC president said, “staff became suspicious of her credibility when she could not complete tasks during orientation.”

Since she had not completed training, she was never alone with patients or performed medical procedures, Van Meeteren said.

In August 2016, RAMC terminated her position and contacted the Reedsburg Police Department to investigate.

The police quickly discovered Browne’s name and social security number did not match the information of the license number she was using.

But when police questioned Browne, she gave a series of excuses, including losing the paper copy of her license, name changes due to marriages and internet trouble, RPD Chief Tim Becker said.

“We’ve had situations where people would be untruthful with us for a while — an hour, maybe two hours,” Becker said. “And eventually they tell us what was happening after confronted with the amount of evidence held against them. She never has. She just continues to tell these different stories.”

RPD also discovered Browne had held a previous position as a nurse using the same credentials at North Point Medical Center in Wausau, Wisconsin, Becker said.

Van Meeteren said RAMC has hired over 2,000 employees in the last 20 years and this has been the only instance of identity theft they have faced.

Police have lost contact with Browne, but hope she will arrive for her court appearance later this week, Becker said.


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