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About NetHope

NetHope enables humanitarian organizations to better serve individuals and communities in the developing world through smarter use of technology. Working at the intersection of the international NGO sector, private business and technology innovation, NetHope is a Membership organization currently serving over 60 leading humanitarian, development, and conservation organizations around the world. NetHope empowers our Member organizations to collaborate, innovate, and leverage the full potential of information and communications technology to support their work in 190 countries. NetHope and our Members partner with over 50 of the world’s leading technology firms to create innovative solutions to existing and emerging challenges, and to reimagine how technology can improve our world.

The Opportunity

This is an exciting time at NetHope as the organization develops programs and services in collaboration with members and partners. Working with a team of technologists, cyber security and international development professionals, the Deputy Director, Cybersecurity will support an ambitious programme of work across dozens of international organisations.

Deputy Director – Cybersecurity

NetHope is seeking an experienced, organized, and enthusiastic professional to join its existing Digital Protection Programme, a cybersecurity and privacy program supporting NetHope’s 60+ Members to be safer development, humanitarian, and conservation actors while making the world a fairer, freer, more sustainable place.

This crucial program of work is in its second year, and this is an extraordinarily exciting time to join it as it scales up, and as NetHope develops the world’s first Global Humanitarian ISAC – aiming to support the long-term resilience of some of the world’s most vulnerable communities and the INGOs working to support them.

As Deputy Director, you will join a small team – deputising from time to time for the NetHope CISO – where you will directly support and hold responsibility for delivery of some of our portfolio of advisory and other services which support NetHope’s Members to build cybersecurity services. These include but are not limited to a vCISO Consultancy offering, training scholarships, and ongoing Threat Briefings as part of our ‘Digital Protection Program’.

You will take responsibility for development of key components of this work – ideally in particular adding expertise and capacity in incident response and threat hunting – and directly supporting the growth of the Global Humanitarian ISAC.

You will work with a broad and vibrant community of INGO CISOs, CIOs, and other technologists and cybersecurity professionals across NetHope Members’ more than 800,000 collective staff – in particular through our ‘Information Security and Data Protection Working Group’ – to support them to solve a range of trust and safety problems, aggregate proven practices that are applicable to the complex contexts these agencies work in, and leveraging your experience outside and within NetHope to support the continued iteration of our program.

Drawing on experience obtained in, or leading, highly performing cybersecurity delivery or consulting functions – ideally in the nonprofit sector or similar low-resource, target-rich space – you may work directly with these customers on pro-bono consulting engagements as diverse as strategy replanning, incident response, threat hunting, team building, hiring, compliance, governance, and support with specific technical problems – from Appsec to User awareness to risk assessment in conflict zones and crises.

You will also be one of the external faces representing NetHope’s work, not only with its INGO Members but with the broader ecosystem, and may be expected to support NetHope’s work in both fundraising and advocacy by speaking about its work, influencing and cultivating opportunities for direct and indirect support, as well as leading initiatives that create behaviour change in nonprofits, donors, and broader communities.

For an experienced cybersecurity professional who is looking to leverage their diverse experience and be truly challenged to apply that expertise to novel situations, this is a fascinating role that demands positive impact while making the world a fairer place. Joining a small team, you will not only do interesting, challenging work – but have significant ability to shape the team’s operational and advocacy strategy. You will have the opportunity to identify & undertake research or innovation work; particularly in technical, policy, or other areas affecting conservation, humanitarian, and development technologists and the broader community of organisations working in human rights defence, advocacy, campaigning, and social change.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Direct delivery of security consulting – such as advisory consulting, vulnerability assessment, breach coaching, or other services;
  • Carrying out training and other knowledge transfer (e.g., planning & delivering workshops or other events, and providing an interface with other experts to the community) – potentially including incident response, information security management, and/or specific technical areas;
  • Delivering or supporting delivery of reports, research, proposals, or other written materials;
  • Supporting ongoing development of the overarching program strategy – for instance, by identifying, qualifying, and delivering new research or programming, and working with the team on resource allocation strategies for highest positive impact.
  • Supporting the growth and development of NetHope’s cybersecurity community of more than 60+ organisations and 280+ individual participators;
  • Supporting the development and management of the Global Humanitarian ISAC, including by working with this and other communities worldwide;
  • In collaboration with the CISO and other team members, developing partnerships with technology vendors, other nonprofits, and the broader cybersecurity and digital rights ecosystem;
  • Holding responsibility for (or in some instances supporting or overseeing) project management or delivery of specific program elements and outputs;
  • Supporting Partnership, Fundraising, and Advocacy work by planning for and participating in workshops, meetings, conferences, written and video communications, social media and other influencing activities.
  • Supporting or being responsible for specific grant-funded program work (e.g., proposal development, operational planning, reporting, delivery) in collaboration with NetHope’s Partnerships team;
  • Deputising where needed for the CISO and other team Members;


This role is complex and may attract candidates from a range of backgrounds. The Essential and Desirable criteria below aim to set out a range of experiences and skills (both hard subject matter expertise and soft people skills) which high-performing candidates may have. If your resume doesn’t check every ‘desirable’ box but you feel you meet most or many of the essential criteria, and in particular feel you would be an impactful addition to our team, we would love to hear from you!

Personal Characteristics


  • A passion for NetHope’s mission and for working collaboratively and nimbly in a fast-paced dynamic global environment;
  • A genuine passion for technology and the importance of digital rights – in particular when working with vulnerable communities and stakeholders;
  • Experience in participating in a global virtual workforce – in particular outside Europe and North America – with demonstrable experience of multicultural environments in which you value and respect a diversity of thought and background amongst your peers and coworkers;
  • High levels of professional integrity, with demonstrable experience of handling sensitive information, matters, and issues with tact;
  • High levels of empathy and communication ability that enable the communication of complex concepts in simple ways and compelling the audience to action;
  • Excellent at working in a networked & virtual team environment, in a rapidly-developing, young organisation.


  • Lived experience of inequality, and/or as a service recipient of humanitarian, development, or other nonprofits working to support individuals and vulnerable communities;
  • Exposure or responsibility for technology innovation – either as part of your role, or reflected in your personal life, research interests, or extra-curricular endeavours;
  • Experience in the Digital Rights ecosystem – e.g., research, a volunteer or paid-for role;
  • Lived experience living and/or working in the Global South.

Knowledge and Skills


  • Exceptional customer service and communications skills;
  • Multilingual verbal and written communication skills a plus
  • Strong writing skills (drafting reports, analysis, or other written or visual materials);
  • Strong communication skills – able to communicate complex technical and risk-based topics to a variety of stakeholders with demonstrable experience of working with senior stakeholders at Director or CXX level;
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritise while maintaining vigilant attention to detail in a fast-paced working environment;
  • Experience in a community setting such as the NetHope ecosystem or a similar peer-led space (e.g., complex INGO, open-source community, or other less-traditional impact-oriented collaboration structure).


  • Proficiency in any working language other than English – in particular Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, or Spanish;
  • Experience working for at least 5 years in a customer-facing consulting or support role in the security, risk, or a related field;
  • Experience in an in-house technical or business support role – such as systems administration, development, IT Helpdesk, communications or engagement;
  • Experience in a technology-focused peer-run community;
  • Experience obtaining or disbursing grant-based funding, and with donor reporting;
  • Experience with MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning) in an NGO or similar setting – or similar experience (e.g., research evaluation) from another field.

Education and Experience


  • Experience using Microsoft 365 for productivity and strong skills in a Desktop Operating System (ideally Windows or OSX);
  • Strong general understanding of Enterprise Technology, and its safe governance, ideally obtained within an INGO or similar organisation;
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in an in-house technology or cybersecurity team or similar, including experience in incident / breach management;
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution preferred or equivalent work experience;
  • Line, thematic, or Team Management experience;
  • Experience undertaking, supporting, or delivering business change – e.g. technology or compliance changes, culture change, or continuous improvement;
  • Experience managing complex programs of work (ideally with formal project management experience).


  • Experience working for or with a NetHope Member, or another INGO operating in the Development, Humanitarian, and/or Conservation Space;
  • Experience working in a young, growing organisation – or other context leaving you with demonstrably entrepreneurial skills and approaches, and comfortable with uncertainty and volatility;
  • Demonstrable thought leadership, writing, or research experience in a relevant or related area;

Desirable (Tech):

  • Strong technology background (sysadmin, devops, development, architecture, and/or security engineering);
  • Experience using Cisco/Cisco Meraki, MS Azure, Okta, and Box technology platforms;
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a leadership role in a complex organisation, ideally in a cybersecurity role;
  • Demonstrable experience building the cybersecurity capacity of complex organisations, in particular working outside the EU and North America (ideally obtained in an INGO or similar field);
  • Experience with Emerging Technologies (e.g. deployment, development, evaluation);
  • Experience with PCI-DSS, NIST, ISO 27k Suite, Cyber Essentials;
  • Experience with GDPR and other Data Protection frameworks;
  • Experience of principled/ethical treatment of data use (Data Ethics, Responsible Data, Do No Harm-led approaches);
  • Relevant certifications in Technology, Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Project Management, or Leadership.

Reporting and Working Conditions:

  • This position is a full-time position that reports to the CISO and works closely with the COO and Senior Leadership Team, Management Team, Digital Protection Team, and other colleagues in Emergency Response and other program areas and supporting functions.
  • NetHope is a virtual organization, so our team, our Members, and our Partners are located around the world. Due to the global nature of the organization, meetings may thus be required at any time of the day to meet with our stakeholders in varying time zones. To meet these needs, NetHope embraces flexible schedules for team members, and we work with each other to be located globally, but still maintain a reasonable work time balance.
  • As a global organization, we welcome qualified applicants with diverse backgrounds from various locations, and who may have non-traditional work patterns.
  • NetHope is a networked team-oriented environment with staff working across functional areas to produce high-quality programs, services, and connections with our Members. We value open communication and believe that a staff working as a team produces the best outcomes.
  • This position is 100% remote and virtual. International or domestic travel may be required for 2 to 5 NetHope events annually.
  • This position is funded through a 5-year grant (currently in year 2) and will continue should funding be available.

How to apply

How to Apply

Should this opportunity interest you, please submit a cover letter and resume in confidence here. Please include the job title in the subject line of your email submission. Applications will be accepted until August 11, 2023.

NetHope is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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