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Despite Tighter Investing Climate, ShelterZoom Attracts Additional $5M To Address Deep Need for Healthcare Operational Resiliency As Ransomware Attacks Increase Exponentially | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2023 / ShelterZoom, a leading Web3 document management SaaS provider, raises $5 million bringing the company to a total of over $17.5 million raised to date. ShelterZoom will leverage the funding to enter new markets and bolster its Document GPS solution, which enables complete control over documents for organizations and individuals, with enhanced enterprise features and other capabilities. The company will also establish a team dedicated solely to develop and implement its two healthcare-specific solutions.

Recent data breaches across the healthcare, telecom, and government sectors highlight growing concerns about the implications of cybersecurity for organizations of all kinds. When they are attacked, many organizations struggle to resolve these breaches in a timely manner, resulting in heavy financial losses and the erosion of client trust. Even more crucially, these breaches lead to a disruption in operations that can cause some companies to completely shut down.

ShelterZoom’s products enable organizations to operate securely by facilitating the safe transfer of data, enabling them to maintain business continuity in the event of a data breach. The company will leverage its newly announced funding to support a wide range of initiatives, particularly in the healthcare industry. Document GPS will serve as the basis for a new platform helping hospitals and healthcare organizations overcome cyberattacks and achieve operational resiliency, as well as a patient-centric tool enabling easy access and control over medical records. The funding, which comes from select backers, will also go towards marketing efforts to drive growth and the development of new enterprise features to accelerate adoption across virtually every industry.

Document GPS recently launched several new features and functions, which include:

  • Secure link enables recipients to upload files and documents, and then send them back within an encrypted environment with control and traceability.

  • Envelopes, Document GPS’s folder structure, is now available on Microsoft Outlook, enabling users to enjoy a better UX by logically organizing their content to match their business needs. The feature was previously only available for Gmail.

  • Admin panel upgrades to enable more sophisticated user- and group-management admin privileges.

  • Global federated architecture allows the interaction and interoperability of information sharing between organizations in different countries while retaining their independence.

Document GPS securely tokenizes content for protecting ownership of original records. With Document GPS, documents or other file types can be sent securely, empowering organizations to track the content they send out and revoke access even after the recipient has opened the shared material. The solution can also prohibit downloads, significantly reducing cyberattacks, excessive carbon emissions, and data pollution from the repeated uploading and downloading of tens of billions of documents being sent daily. The Android version of Document GPS is now available in the Google Play store.

“Our core innovations have a strong market fit and the enthusiastic response from the investor community shows how big a need there is for solutions such as ours,” says Chao Cheng-Shorland, CEO and Co-Founder of ShelterZoom. “This funding will help us maintain the momentum we have built up over the last year plus. With data breaches becoming a near-daily occurrence impacting all types of organizations, we are seeing great interest in our solutions from the healthcare, legal, telecom, real estate, and public sectors, among others. The healthcare sector is the perfect example of an industry that needs a spare-tire in the event of a ransomware attack to ensure that business operations can resume, and we have in our pipeline two healthcare-specific SaaS solutions to address this pain-point.”

About ShelterZoom

ShelterZoom is a leading provider of enterprise-level cyber-resilient smart documents, smart contracts, and blockchain API integrations. The Web3 SaaS company was founded in 2017 and serves enterprises of all sizes and industries, including healthcare, financial, government agencies, law firms, non-profits, publishing, academia, and real estate. ShelterZoom’s suite of tools are integrated with its trademarked Single Source of Truth® technology which helps prevent data leaks and breaches while significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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