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Did Nicolas Cantu make homophobic remarks towards an Uber driver? Viral video and his comments explored amid feud with Dream | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Popular Twitch streamer and Minecraft creator, Clay Dream, has accused voice actor Nicolas Cantu, known for roles in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other shows, of serious misconduct. The controversy erupted when Cantu interacted with a fake Dream account, making offensive comments. Dream clarified it was a fake account, alleging that Cantu physically assaulted him and used racial slurs. The incident has sparked scrutiny and discussions within the online community.

Nicolas Cantu assaulted an Uber Driver and YouTube

The controversy came out in the online community on November 15, when Nicolas Cantu was revealed to be having an interaction with a Fake Dream account. Cantu made caustic comments including Pa***phile remarks. Clay “Dream” clarified that Nicolas has been interacting with a fake account and that he has physically assaulted and verbally abused him using n*** slurs. The Youtuber alleged from his Dream account on Twitter saying, 

“You physically assaulted me, said the n-word and other slurs, verbally berated an Uber driver.”

Nicolas Cantu accepted the allegations except for one

Cantu admitted the allegation of slapping him and calling him a predator but denied Clay’s accusation of making any racist remarks. Nicolas agreed to say, “Yes I slap-boxed you in front of the h**s.” he accepted other accusations but pointed out at the end saying, “He’s spot on abt basically everything except the racial sh*t and me saying the n word” he denied saying, “don’t do that sh*t won’t say that sh*t ever.”

Later on November 18, Clay also posted a 2-minute video where Nicolas was seen abusing and berating both Clay and the Uber Driver. Cantu could be heard saying, “”You’re retarded. You’re f**king down syndrome. I don’t give a f**k. You do not understand that your literacy level needs to be brought up from the f**king Mariana Trench…” Cantu further said to Clay in the video, “Think you’re a fa**ot.”

X account/@ncantu

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Dream claimed that Nicolas Cantu tried to physically assault him twice

While Cantu commented on the situation saying he was intoxicated and had repaid the Uber Driver with a generous tip, later revelation by Dream proved that he never tipped the driver. Clay “Dream” also claimed that Cantu again tried to physically assault him after the Uber ride.

The newest video has generated various comments, with numerous individuals criticizing Nicolas Cantu for perceived rudeness and unwarranted vitriol. Whether he will respond to the latest video remains uncertain.

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