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On Wednesday, the Cyber Security Research and Development (CSRD) Group under the ministry of electronics & information technology (MeitY) made a significant move by inviting proposals for research and development in cybersecurity. This initiative focuses on thrust areas such as digital forensics, IoT security, mobile security, data security, and network and system security. Targeting a wide range of professionals, from researchers to engineers and faculty members in various scientific and academic institutions, this call aims to bolster the nation’s cyber defense mechanisms.

Strategic Focus on Cybersecurity

MeitY’s announcement underlines the government’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity measures across multiple fronts. By emphasizing crucial areas such as digital forensics and IoT security, the initiative seeks to address the growing challenges in protecting digital infrastructures and sensitive data. Proposals are encouraged to be submitted either by individual institutions or through a consortium model, ensuring a collaborative approach towards achieving significant breakthroughs in cybersecurity technologies.

Evaluation and Selection Process

The selection process, as detailed by MeitY, involves a meticulous evaluation by an expert group focusing on the technical and financial viability of the submitted proposals. Projects that align with the ministry’s priority areas and demonstrate potential for new technology development leading to prototypes or products will be given precedence. Additionally, the proposals should aim for a technology readiness level (TRL) of 4 or higher, with an emphasis on pilot scale demonstration and eventual commercialization within 24 months.

Key Areas of Interest

The specific focus areas highlighted by MeitY encompass a wide spectrum of cybersecurity challenges. In digital forensics, efforts will be directed towards advancing techniques for data recovery, device fingerprinting, and ensuring privacy in forensic investigations. IoT security will explore blockchain-assisted security measures and the enhancement of sensor and device security in electric vehicles. Mobile security and network and system security also stand out as critical areas, with an emphasis on developing robust encryption methods, zero trust architectures, and blockchain-enabled security solutions.

This initiative by the CSRD Group not only underscores the government’s proactive stance on cybersecurity but also opens up avenues for innovation and collaboration among India’s brightest minds in technology and academia. By fostering a competitive and supportive environment for R&D in cybersecurity, the nation aims to fortify its digital infrastructure and safeguard against evolving cyber threats, thus ensuring a secure digital future for all.


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